I’ve been a pretty big fan of Keri Smith’s “books” – I hesitate to call them books without a disclaimer, since they’re so much more than just something to read! – for a bit now, and when I got the chance to play around with her new companion app to The Pocket Scavenger, I jumped at the chance! All of these Instagram-like photo challenges (such as #fmsphotoaday) have put me in the mindset of “scavenger hunt” to boot, but this time I can stop obsessing over filters and have a little bit of fun 🙂

I do wish it were a bit easier to remember what items are on the list as I go about my day, but being on the lookout for some pretty wacky (read: a pencil rubbing of the bottom of a shoe) items is just as fun as spotting things I stumble across every day (feta cheese for the ‘something that can be crumbled’ part? Yes, please!).

What’s pretty neat is the “alterations” you can do for each prompt, which puts a neat spin on things. I still think I might tackle the “make a soundtrack” alteration I was given with my paperclip hunt. A soundtrack for a paperclip, quite interesting indeed…

It’s been so long since I’ve thought outside the box and just done something wacky. Yeah, I love those Instagram challenges as much as the next blogger, but I find myself taking pictures of similar things more often than not. With The Pocket Scavenger app, I’m not as wrapped up with having a beautiful or wildly colorized photograph, and just focus on playing with the prompts which has been all too much fun!