I’ve been lucky enough to be on the road in some way or another for the past few weeks; first New York City for The Blogcademy, and then Washington D.C. for a somewhat impromptu vacation with the family. As if I hadn’t been bitten by the travel bug before! Now far-off locales and exotic places are on my mind more than ever (still drooling over Paris), but as I ride the “road trip” mentality of the places I’ve been to lately, I figured I’d put together a little list of road trip dream locations!

During high school I had mapped out my fantasy road trip across the States (as I’m sure every freedom hungry teenager does), and though I’ve never found much appeal in Americana except for that little window of time, the thought of a road trip down Route 66 comes back to mind every now and then. I think a part of me feels guilty that I’ve seen so little about my own country, that I should get out and explore it. But gas is really expensive.

Without further ado, here’s my road trip dream list to satisfy my most recent bout of wanderlust:


( T-Bone Sandwich )Four Corners Monument – I think everyone’s dreamt of being in two places at once at one point or another, and here you get to be in four different states – Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico – simultaneously! (also, fun word moment: quadripoint!)


( Kyle Johnston )
Carhenge – This exists. Stonehenge with cars. I repeat: this exists.


( AndreaIsAndrea )Petrified Forest National Park – Full of petrified wood and Late Triassic fossils, this park looks stunning. Maybe it’s because I’m an East Coast-er, but I’m not used to seeing such beautiful open skies and mountainous landscapes (the treacherous ice-covered traffic on the South Side Slopes don’t count!). Plus – fossils!!


( Adam Schweigert )World’s Largest Ball of Twine – I don’t know whether to be astounded by this or, well, what. As of 2006, this ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas was over 7,801,766 feet long and over 17,866 pounds. I feel like it’s not a road trip if you don’t stop to see something bizarre like a ball of twine.


( Paul Navarez )The Winchester Mystery House – This place looks like some crazy, loopy fun, not to mention the wild story that surrounds its origin. The widow of Winchester fortune apparently oversaw the continuous construction of this house, which is said to be haunted. Ooooh!


( zioWoody )SR-1/Santa Monica Pier – Every picture I see of California State Route 1 looks gorgeous, and what better way to cap off a road trip than coasting down a highway by the sea? And I mean, might as well stop at Santa Monica Pier while we’re in the area 🙂Where would you stop on your road trip?(Satisfy more wanderlust cravings!)