The Blog Tour

Book clubs can get pretty involved. Which is why, obviously, I host one.

As far as book clubs go, however, the NovelTea Book Club is pretty low key. While it may be impossible to read every book on every member’s list, the least we could do was kick off a new year of reading by declaring January’s selection a “free space” — your choice of book, to help you work towards your reading goals and spark a genuine and motivating desire to read what you love.

The bonus in all of this is that members get a myriad of book reviews and recommendations from a smattering of genres! We’d be remiss to not share our thoughts on the books we each picked this month, and what better way to do that than a mini-blog tour.

Peruse the list below this post to see what other NovelTea members read this month and add to your (surely growing!) list of books to read in 2016.

My Recommendation: The Diviners

I fell in love with Libba Bray when I read the Gemma Doyle Trilogy years ago.  For some reason, I hadn’t picked up a Bray book since then, but knew I had to give The Diviners (affiliate link) a read when I saw the cover alone. This is one time that eye candy did not disappoint.

Bored with YA lately, The Diviners provided a much needed break from rushed-feeling young adult clichés and brought together the paranormal, mystery, history, and compelling characters. It’s a daunting 500-odd pages, but with my little tolerance lately, it’s safe to say this didn’t disappoint.

Evie O’Neill’s mysterious gifts are called upon when a serial killer starts making his rounds in New York City. Her story is just the tip of the iceberg, as more stories linked with the occult emerge. Against the backdrop of the 1920s, there’s just as much spirit to be found as trouble, and Evie is a master of both.

I’m not going to spend too much time on my review today. All you need to know is this: The Diviners is awesome.

It’s the questions, rather, that I think are the best part about the NovelTea Book Club. Here’s a sampling of what we discussed this month, and my thoughts on how The Diviners plays a role in all of this.

  1. How does this book fit in with your book goals for the new year? I upped my overall book count, actually, though I’m not ready to make the brave jump to 100 books quite yet. The Diviners is one that’s been sitting on my shelf for quite a while. I finally started it around the holidays but a combination of being spooky enough to not want to read at bedtime and the craziness of the holidays made me not get through this novel as quickly as I had hoped to. I finished it first this year, making it a point to cross off this book that had been eating up (in a good way!) so much of my time.
  2. Is this book out of your comfort zone? Not particularly. When I read young adult literature, it’s usually of the fantasy genre. I’ve been feeling disenchanted with YA books lately, though, so this was a nice breather from the clichés of the genre, as well as a return back to an author that I consistently love.
  3. What character speaks to you the most? What do you look for in a “good” character? The Diviners has so many great characters whose stories all intertwine; it’s hard to pick a favorite! Evie’s character I think really epitomizes the 1920s and the conflict of old and new that happens around the time of any ideological/physical change. It would be easy to focus on Evie though, as she’s the “protagonist”. The supporting characters may not have as central a storyline, but they’re fleshed out with enough emotion and personality that their interactions with one another feel entirely real.

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