I am covered in all kinds of mosquito bites from a week spent at bonfires and outdoor concerts with my kick-butt family members. It’s been worth every itchy bug bite (maybe), but that means I’ve spent little time around the computer this week gathering links. Here’s what I’ve got!

♥ The question you always keep asking yourself: Whom should you be writing for? Yourself or your readers?
♥ How one designer made the Facebook icon more empowering
♥ This teen’s self-published book on bullying was just picked up by Scholastic. How cool is that?
♥ Get your summer YA book horoscope courtesy of ForeverYA
♥ Paper Towns vs. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl: How John Green’s novel dismantles the trope
♥ 5 Great Books on Writing

What fun links have you found lately?