When Kristin and Megan (of ruKristin and The Nerd Nest, respectively), asked me to join them for their latest My Details memory keeping class, I couldn’t refuse. The class couldn’t come at a better time – coming off of the daily list documenting class 30 Days of Lists, and diving back into Project Life (not so much diving as dipping my toes into the shallow end of the pool…), I’ve been looking for ways to hold myself accountable for documenting life’s little details and discover new ways to record my memories.

My Details is a class full of prompts and inspiration for documenting none other than YOU! Whether past or present, you are full of little details that help tell your story. Before the prompts begin on April 14th, the class’s lovely teachers organized a blog hop that’s meant to get your creativity going. The prompt? Thinking.

I may be the odd one out here in that I don’t currently really have a system of memory keeping set in place, aside from my blog (which I don’t necessarily count in that category) and my up and coming Project Life endeavor. My plan with this class is to not worry so much about the format so much as playing around with different mediums to find a memory keeping system that works for my lifestyle and what I want to create.

Megan’s spin was documenting how her brain works, and while I easily could’ve talked about the things I’ve been thinking about lately (which are pretty interesting and telling, if I do say), I loved her take on the prompt. How my brain works doesn’t make sense to everyone, and it’s a fun little detail to step back and take note of.


  1. I can remember numbers & details, like a sponge
  2. I have to weigh all of my options, which makes me seem indecisive at first glance.
  3. I think in lists and checkboxes
  4. I often worry about things that are out of my control. I’m working at this, changing what I can & accepting what I can’t.
  5. I’m simultaneously optimistic and realistic. What a combo.

You can join in on the documenting fun! Use the code TEACUPDETAILS for $2 off of your registration, or enter below to win a spot in the My Details class (complete with access to the class, pre-class blog posts, a private Facebook community, and more! Plus, if you register by tonight, you’ll have a chance to enter the Freckled Fawn subscription giveaway on the class page as well!).a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you win the giveaway and have already registered, never fear! The lovely ladies behind My Details will reimburse you the registration fee.

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And I have to ask: how would you translate this prompt?
*I’ve got to get the boring legal stuff out of the way here: I am an affiliate for this class. But honestly, I think you’ll enjoy the heck out of this class too!