For as much as I love words and language, there are some words I plain just don’t like. Just as I have favorite colors, I have not-so-favorite colors, and the same thing goes for words. There’s not many words I dislike, as long as they’re used where needed and not overused. Others, I just don’t personally like the way they sound on your ear, or feel on your tongue as you say them. Lately, I’m more peeved at stupid slang.

And no, ‘moist’ is not one of my word pet peeves; it doesn’t sound weird or gross to me. Alas.

What words am I not a fan of?

  • judgment – Mainly, I’m just not a fan of the American spelling. British English has it right; there should totally be another ‘e’ in there. Too many consonants otherwise)
  • jodhpurs – Kicked my butt in the spelling bee. See also: too many consonants next to one another
  • YOLO – Just no.
  • ricochet – The spelling and pronunciation don’t add up. Eight year-old me was very confused.
  • cowlick – Putting two not-so-appealing words just enhances the lack of appeal
  • bro – See ‘YOLO’

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