A few weeks ago, Sara of Sincerely Sara shared ‘Six Things I Can’t Live Without’. If you know me, you know I’m rarely seen without a few select items, myself.

Take lip balm, for instance. I have one in every conceivable place: in my car, in my purse, on my nightstand, in my makeup pouch, on my desk, in my pocket at work. If I don’t have lip balm within arm’s length at any given time, I turn into a verifiable catastrophe.

So what, exactly, are these six essential things?

  1. Pilot Precise V5 extra fine pens –  I’m the person who will gladly whip out my own writing utensil than use an inferior pen. These babies write so smoothly that I almost refuse to write with any other pen.
  2. Lip balm – My lip balm of choice right now is EOS’ Raspberry Pomegranate, but I’ve got a Salted Caramel lip balm from The Gnarly Whale in my purse, and peach Baby Lips on hand too. Smith’s Rosebud Salve has a permanent spot in my makeup bag.
  3. Say Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes – It kills me to go to bed without washing my face or taking off my makeup. These easy wipes are wonderful when on the go or when I feel too tired to actually pull out the soap and a washrag.
  4. Comfy pants – I keep a pair of sweatpants in my car. It first started as an emergency have-to-stay-over-somewhere or get stranded deal, but now it’s just so I can put them on whenever I feel like it.
  5. Hair ties – I recently discovered these wonderful, no-kinks hair ties that masquerade as colorful bracelets. Honestly, I was happy enough just not having a line through my hair that required a wash just to get out. The fact that these look much cuter than a stack of black elastic ties on your wrist is a plus (and they don’t snap in half! Hooray!)
  6. iPad mini – Until last month, I would’ve been fine just saying my laptop. But the fact that my iPad fits so nicely into my purse means that I can always have a book on hand (I know, I know, but I can’t beat the convenience!) or whip out Evernote to jot down some ideas on the go.

Bonus items: I nearly always have on my silver bow pendant, signature pearl studs (3 in each ear), and my crazy won’t-ever-spill-ever travel mug.
What six items can you not live without? Link up in the comments below!