I don’t normally post this much, let alone twice in one day! But this little extra post today is dedicated to one of my favorite crafty projects – 30 Days of Lists.

If you’ve been around these parts awhile, you’re no stranger to my adoration of the 30-day creative project known as 30 Days of Lists. Each day for a month, a prompt is posted, to which the only requirement is this: make a list. You can scrapbook it, blog it, scribble it on the corner of a napkin – whatever your heart desires! The point of the challenge is that you can do something creative each day, even if that is something as small as jotting down a list. Some years I’ve gotten creative, and other years I’ve just doodled my list on a notebook page – how you do it is totally up to you!

Evidence: latest round (left) vs. very first round (right) which still has my mouseover on it xD
I don’t use the word “adoration” lightly. I’ve participated in all five rounds to date, and this September will mark my sixth time listing!

The lovely sponsors and ambassadors, including myself, decided to get together for a little blog hop today to share some listing inspiration. The challenge is to draw from the March 2011 round of list prompts to create our list today, and if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to browse the 30Lists tag to see my whole set from 2011 (warning: my newly discovered Instagramming skills were rubbish at the time. These pictures are filled with bad filters, composition, and borders galore!). But as the very first prompt is “A few things about me”, I figured I’d update my list and take the opportunity to say hello to some of my new readers!

Factoids ahoy!

A few things about me…

♥ I used to dance ballet, and will still occasionally bust a move. Though mostly, I just get stared at for standing in fifth position (though, that is how I met my best friend!). My knees are shot because of it, however.

♥ I studied Literature in undergrad, focusing primarily on Victorian Literature, as well as emerging digital literacies. Somehow, I also ended up taking quite a few classes with gender studies overtones by complete accident, and have thus declared myself an honorary certificate holder. It’s funny how those things work out.

♥ Mornings are my favorite. It’s when I feel most productive, not to mention brunch, which is only the most glorious creation ever.

♥ In high school, I was voted most artistic. I spent the majority of my senior year in the art wing painting the prom backdrop, and relished my time with my paints – watercolors and gouache – as well as trekking outside on “photography assignments”. I hardly paint or draw anymore, but I do perform with a local Shakespearean theater troupe in the summers!

♥ I spent 3 months studying abroad in Japan, where I lived with my host family and finished my Bachelors in Japanese Language and Culture. It was the absolute best experience ever, and I’m so glad I got the chance to live there!

♥ Sometimes my mouth gets ahead of my thoughts, and I spew out more Spoonerisms than one could think humanly possible. I just keep tripping over my words and can only watch helplessly while I flounder.

♥ I’m a Playstation girl at heart. Lately, the Xbox has been winning me over, however. Final Fantasy VII got me hooked on gaming, though, and Aerith remains my favorite video game character to this day.

♥ I reread the entire Harry Potter series annually.

♥ Despite being a native Pittsburgher, I don’t care for football. Hockey, all the way. And pierogies. And yinz. And french fries on sandwiches.

You can play along with the March 2011 list prompts for free, or download the other previous 30 Days of Lists challenges here.

To add to the excitement, we’re having a giveaway if when we reach 600 listers for a $100 gift certificate to Studio Calico (I know! How awesome is that?). All you need to do is be one of the first 600 registered and you’re automatically entered to win.
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So tell me, what are a few things about you?