Melissa of The Loveliest Day hosted a giveaway a few weeks back for some merchandise from the gift/stationary shop Knock Knock and I was lucky enough to win! I’m not usually one to win things, and being my first time winning a giveaway like this online I’m pretty excited!
Knock Knock is full of cute, witty stationary and organizational products — who wouldn’t love sticky notes saying ‘you rock’ or a take-out menu organizer?It feels good to be told that you rock 😀

I requested the ‘To the Market’ pad; we used to have a much less organized version of this for groceries, but after running out of paper, we’ve resorted to jotting the grocery list down on a ripped out piece of notebook paper. Having things categorized has made going to the store much less of a back-and-forth ordeal. Love it!

I’ve also been meal planning like mad. I find that if I don’t, I end up with random things in my pantry that never get used or go bad before I remember they exist. This ‘What to Eat’ pad is perfect for planning things out, and with it on the fridge, scribbling things down on the grocery list is super easy.

As a chronic list maker, I make lists for everything, literally, everything – blog ideas, books to borrow from the library, colors I should dye my hair – it has been my way to organize my thoughts, ideas, and problems. And so having a pre-made pro/con sticky note seemed like a good idea! Problem solved checkbox? Awesome.