For some reason or another, December has become synonymous with Harry Potter. Whether it’s ABC Family’s penchant for running Harry Potter movie marathons around the holidays or the allure of Hogwarts at Christmastime, December is magical.

Which is why last year the NovelTea Book Club decided to reread all of the Harry Potter books during the month of December, under the guise of #HPDec.

This year, readers wanted a Potter-filled month yet again, and so — you guessed it — #HPDec is back!

We’re a pretty relaxed book club, and everyone seems to find something different to focus on during the month, from fanart to movie marathons. Interested in how you can participate?

  • Reread the Harry Potter books this month!
  • Share your favorite links on social media with #HPDec
  • Watch all of the movies (in one sitting. I dare you)
  • Talk Potter-topics on your Youtube channel
  • Stop by the NovelTea Book Club on Goodreads or the Facebook group to stay up to date on the latest challenges and community findings.

I’ll be reading some of the Potterverse books I’ve not yet ventured into, including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Beedle the Bard. There’s no right or wrong way of participating in #HPDec — just share the Harry Potter love!

To kick off the challenge, I thought it might be a nice introduction to find out what Hogwarts House everyone is in. The video below touches on some of the more specific House-related questions I’ve answered previously, but I will say I’m a Ravenclaw through and through.

(Though, for most of my middle/high school career I was adamant that I was a Slytherin. I have no idea why. My version of being mean to someone is giving them the burnt cookie [not that Slytherins are mean]. I just wouldn’t do just anything for ambition.)

What House are you in?