My boxes are mostly unpacked (finally!), though I’m still trying to set up a place to record new Booktube videos. It may not be perfect yet, but I wouldn’t trade my cozy living room for the world (because plaid and candles for days! Total no brainer.)

While I finish getting settled in, here’s some reading for the week…

♥ Advice I’m 100% tuning into right now: I’m returning to single-tasking
♥ The Emotions That Make Us More Creative
♥ Teaching, meet Blogging: 5 Educational Theories That Will Improve Your Content Marketing
♥ Too much to do, not enough time…
♥ The Caped Crusader has come a long way in film since 1939 — The Evolution of Batman in Cinema
♥ There’s also a Batman cafe in Malaysia. Who’s coming with me?
♥ Every Southern Gothic Novel Ever – ha!
♥ How being in an all-girls D&D group reminds me that femininity and feminism can coexist in harmony
♥ Isn’t love supposed to be a head over heels feeling? What about the peril of not dying for love?
♥ On being a bad blogger
♥ Ever wonder what goes into choosing a book cover?
♥ Fiction writers! Here are 8 paragraph mistakes you may not know you’re making
♥ What a degree in Literature teaches you
♥ Could you go one year without social media?
♥ People wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees (I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me!)
♥ The internet was all in a tizzy a few weeks ago about this couple that tried to emulate a Victorian lifestyle in 2015. Y’know, by blogging about their historically accurate lifestyle. The internet retaliated with the important distinction between appreciation and ignorance, and what it means to understand history with pieces like Vox’s Victorians.