♥ To fall in love with anyone, do this
♥ What’s really behind college ‘rape culture‘? An important read, if there ever was one
♥ Apparently I am not the only one who mishears the Taylor Swift lyrics as “lonely Starbucks lovers”. Here’s why.
♥ Morning pages to stimulate your writing
♥ A city guide of Pittsburgh from Design*Sponge. It makes my hometown look so trendy
♥ George Clooney invades Downton Abbey is hilarious even pre-George Clooney. How has it taken me this long to watch this!?
♥ This mashed cauliflower with Parmesan and truffle oil from Freckled Italian looks delicious (and is Paleo, too!)
♥ Scrapbooking Is My Self-Love Language
♥ The advent of “fast-casual” dining and the Shake Shack economy
♥  Publishers Know You Didn’t Finish “The Goldfinch” — Here’s What That Means for the Future of Books
♥ What do you think of Amazon’s 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime list?
♥ The Hideous Fashion Disasters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
♥ Bookish cosplayers unite! Mia Moore has put together a book selection for cosplayers
♥ The Art of Fangirling: What it means to be a true geek

What fun links have you found lately?