For as much as I talk about books, I don’t think I’ve ever shown you what my actual bookshelf looks like! For all you know, I could be hidingThe Beast’s librarybehind a door in my humble abode (I’m not), in which case I’m sure we’d all be planning an epic sleepover in such an awesome library ASAP.

The moment I am able to build my own library though, I will be sending out invitations for that aforementioned epic sleepover, complete with forts and fairy lights.

My library, however, is a much simpler one; I tend to borrow books from the library and save the coveted room on my single bookshelf for favorites and stories worthy of rereading. Curious as to what exactly I keep on my shelves? Here’s a peek:

Now that I think of it, I should really give you a digital tour of my Kindle sometime, too! Oh the books, the horror (of so many unread ebooks, that is!)

What does your bookshelf look like?