This week’s link round up may just be my favorite ever!

♥ Batman scholarship: Caped Crusader or Cruel Sadist? Miller Makes One Fan Wonder
♥ 22 Books You Should Read Right Now, Based On Your Childhood Favorites
♥ Instafame: A documentary about how Instagram and becoming an online celebrity affects teenagers and development. I’m so glad I didn’t have to grow up with this technology.
♥ My friend Jess wrote a brilliant piece about making (and keeping) friends in your 20s
♥ A visual crash course in all the deaths in Shakespeare’s tragedies. Awesome!
♥ Make March ‘Creative Kindness‘ month
♥ A map of every state’s favorite band. I’m okay living in your musical tastes, Pennsylvania.
♥ I’ve probably posted this before, but these 18 photos of Victorians smiling never fails to make me smile too.
♥ Speaking of Victorians, here are 9 Terrifying Urban Legends from Victorian London
♥ Kurt Vonnegut diagrammed the shape of all stories in a Masters thesis rejected by the U. of Chicago
♥ Valentine’s Day may be over, but these Old Hollywood heroes are dreamy any day.
♥ 5 Ways to Be a Better Writer
♥ This 4 year-old has amazing style and I want to play dress up with her and her incredible paper dresses.
♥ Read Seth Godin’s Linchpin with the Lemon & Raspberry Book Club this March!
♥ Starting a Ph.D.: How not to die of panic!
♥ I could use a winter beach trip right now myself…
♥ Mia Moore’s Cosplay 101: A basic makeup guide is a great guide to making sure your makeup comes across in photographs, whether you cosplay or not!
♥ A Sailor Moon hoodie may very well be in my future…now the question is: Jupiter or Venus?
♥ How to Avoid Doing What You Should Be Doing. Should I be ashamed to admit I’m really good at these things?
♥ What makes a book a classic? The eternal debate…