I know I’ve been alluding to a lot of magical, mystical “stuff” that’s been on my mind lately, and I do plan on lifting the mystery on it all shortly – promise. Part of me hasn’t been quite ready to talk about it, and part of me needs to talk about, or write about to get it down in words. The sooner I can verbalize what I want, the sooner I can start confronting it. For me, talking about it to someone or writing it down is the way I get a scrambled mess on thoughts, dreams, and fears out of my head and into an organized, tangible thing that I can tackle.

But I digress.

I really just want to go somewhere. Anywhere. I’ve been bitten by the travel bug this past week, more than usual, and quite differently than my typical tastes; usually I long for crisp, grey, skies and a more classical, urban locale. This time though, I’m craving exotic places (or at least, exotic for me) and great adventures.

I want to pack a bag and see the clouds hovering outside of my window. I want to see cliffs and mountains; stroll through plazas and down winding roads; stare up at monuments stretching towards the sky. I want to ride on trains. I want to eat dishes whose names I can’t pronounce. I want to gaze into azure waters and feel the warm sun.


Morocco | cherry bharati

Iceland | Sami Heiskanen

Cambodia | Stuck in Customs

Egypt | archer10

Italy | blame_the_monkey

Bay of Fires, Tasmania | SoniaMPhotography

London | Greco Photography

Paris | joannablu

Arches National Park | oldmantravels

Greece | Anskuws

Thailand | julesactually
Where are you dreaming of going?