As evident by my recent pajama post, fashion is not something that’s typically at the top of my all-hallowed priority list. In high school my closet was full of band t-shirts and college just meant more days of rolling out of bed in sweats, tossing on a pair of snow/rain boots and trekking down Fifth Avenue. So yes, I’m a practical dresser (I laugh at those Pittsburgh transplants that wear sunglasses when there is clearly no sun that day ever), but unless you count my “Let’s Be Bad Guys” Jayne tee, fashionable I am not. Not to mention that, with grad school on the horizon, I’m ready to ditch the closet leftovers from eighth-grade and transition to a style more befitting a young professional and frankly, myself.

Enter The No Brainer Wardrobe. I heard about Hayley of The Tiny Twig’s e-book and couldn’t resist the allure of weeding through my now juvenile feeling closet and really having pieces that I love wearing. Hayley has really crafted a guide to refining your closet and defining your style to be practical and stylishly you, while still giving you the freedom to play with what pieces you gravitate towards, both in what’s already in your closet and what’s hiding on your Pinterest board.

The Basics by mylifeasateacup

I’ve actually got the basics covered. Those and cardigans. I’ve always been a purveyor of neutrals, namely the color grey, so I’ve got no shortage of plain v-neck tees in greys, whites, and blacks. Not to mention my black and brown boots (I’m also very good at having a black and brown version of multiple items. Necessary? Probably not. But it makes me feel better). Surprisingly, I lopped my purple Coach bag in this list because I’ve found it to be extremely versatile. Plus, it’s my main purse and I carry it 360 days out of the year, so it better be included in my ‘basics’ list.
The Staples by mylifeasateacupNotably, I tend to shy away from colors and accessories (save scarves, which I own enough to completely cover the Empire State Building at least once). And pants. Did I mention I have next to no pants? I’ve got jeans, but they’re neutral, and as much as I love me a pair of rose-colored trousers, I can’t find it in me to buy something that seems like such a bold leap. Same goes for jewelry and the like. But I feel like The No Brainer Wardrobe is helping me build up to that point. Thank goodness, because those rose-colored trousers are calling my name.

And I’m terrible at having an “outfit” – being put together, or being able to mix and match pieces for multiple looks. While I rock those basics, I’m also guilty of splurging – or not splurging – on a piece that doesn’t match a single thing already in my closet, and either makes it a special occasion-type of wear, or forces me to go on a whole new shopping spree to accomodate the poorly-planned and outrageously unflattering pink floral bag shirt that I bought five years ago (it looked like my grandmother’s gliding swing cover).

I will say, I’ve gotten much better at actually getting dressed most days. I’ve trimmed my closet of all the fat, and aside from a few items I’ve got on turned hangers, there’s nothing in there that’s old, ill-fitting, or that I’m not in love with. There’s even more color in there than I’ve painted it out to be – I’ve got cardigans of all colors — heeeeyy! — and actually quite a few colorful and printed sundresses lurking in there which I wear quite often. I am however trying to limit how much I buy and instead focus on pieces that I can style in different ways and really maximize what’s in there.

And so I’m trying to refine and stock up on my basics, add meaningful pieces, and round out my wardrobe. I honestly couldn’t ask for better help at figuring out the great mystery of my closet then The Tiny Twig’s e-book. And if you’re looking to do the same, I highly recommend checking it out for yourself!

Visit Hayley Morgan @ The Tiny Twig and Start Your Own Wardrobe Makeover!
I bought The No Brainer Wardrobe on my own dollar and fell in love with it. All the opinions here are my own, however if you do purchase your copy of The No Brainer Wardrobe via the link above, you will be helping me out as well as Hayley! I loved her e-book so much that I’m promoting it as an affiliate, but in all honesty – I think you’ll love it too!