Thursday, November 29, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Feel It
( by Thomas Hawk )

My brain is fried. As evident by the many nights I've stayed up until 2am. Usually, craziness (and enchiladas) ensue. My ability to get dressed has also gone down. What does all of this mean? Finals week, of course!

♥ I have so many projects and papers due in the next too weeks that just finishing something feels good. Somehow, I'll have to amass more time to get everything done, or so it feels (or just, you know, manage my time and prioritize, but who wants to do that?). Current count reads: 3 papers, 3 tests, and 4 projects to go, along with finishing one book and studying for my voluntary Japanese test. Oh, dear. BUT ONE THING IS DONE. ONE THING. YAY.

♥ I've been listening to the new Skyfall theme from Adele all week long. I don't particularly love action films, but I've always enjoyed a good Bond flick, and this song has me driving around in my car like I'm a spy and getting many strange looks along the way. I think the first thing I might do after finals will be to go to the theater and see Skyfall after all!

♥ For some reason, my care and desire to write anything this term has gone down the drain, even though I have one literature class in my schedule, and a topic I like at that. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the dynamic between my professor and I not being too keen on each other, and my disdain for how the class is set up may have something to do with my ambivalence, but finally, at the last book of the class, I'm springing to life again. She seems to not hate my writing anymore, and Zadie Smith's On Beauty is prompting some really interesting paper fodder.

little loves
♥ the first snowfall of the season ♥ Primanti's sandwiches, even though the kind of kill your stomach afterwards ♥ curling up in a robe ♥ Scottish accents ♥ seeing holiday lights and decorations up ♥ cat naps ♥ the fact that I can order things through the Anthropologie store and not have to pay shipping :D ♥ 5-holiday drink punchcards from Starbucks, which I can easily fill just this week alone ♥ looking forward to my mini-road trip this weekend to take the JLPTs (again!)

What are you loving lately?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist
striped socks | david's fall tea collection | she & him vinyl | dishonored
siren bookends | leather gloves | grey scarf | tippi sweater | bbc sherlock

I love the holidays as much as the next person - the smell of cookies baking in the oven, decorating the tree with ornaments and mementos, busting out N'sync's Christmas album, and spending time with loved ones - but as much as the spirit of Christmas is separate from gift giving, I can't deny that I love seeing the faces of those I love as they open something on the morning of the twenty-fifth.

Even the shopping process is something I look forward to, from hunting down the gift that is perfectly personal and perfectly 'them' to wrapping it up prettily. But who am I kidding? No shopping excursion is complete without a little reward for yourself for making it through the year, and getting your butt out to the overpacked stores to get that shopping done. So what will make its way into my haul this year? I wouldn't be surprised if any of these things snuck into my shopping cart...

What's on your Christmas list?

Monday, November 26, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v. 28

source )

ennui n. [än-ˈ]a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction : boredom (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Recuperation

Whew! It feels so good to finally be back to normal. The holidays means all of this running around, going here, visiting there, driving back and forth. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing family and hitting up all of the usual holiday festivities, but it's nice to get settled back into the everyday swing of things.

My favorite place for tea! Today? Vanilla chai! I may never take this plaid shirt off.
Primanti's Photo

Thanksgiving at Gram's is one of my favorite times of year. The house is full of family, homemade cookies galore, mispronunciations, laughs, (usually hockey, but alas, not this year), little cousins running around, board games and card games, wishbones, watching Brave (finally! So good!), my aunt taking pictures, reminiscing with cousins, seeing the Christmas lights up, old friends are back in the area, scouting out the crazy Black Friday sales, going out the day after as part of the "big kids table" (Primanti's, of course). It's all such a blast!

The break was much needed though. There are so many final projects creeping up over the next 2 weeks, that I'll take any break I can get!

Also, this is my cousin Delaney. She can pull her eyebrows back with her toes. This is what I get when I tell my family they can make guest appearances on the blog :D

This is my cousin Delaney. She can pull her eyebrows back with her toes.

How was your holiday!?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

( source )

The fact that TiLT and Thanksgiving always coincide always makes me feel like a gratitude ninja. How could a blog series that revolves around weekly thanks and appreciation fit any more perfectly with a holiday of thankfulness? As much as I would like to take credit for this accidental aligning of interests, it's more like a score for the calendar as well as Gala Darling's well-timed Things I Love Thursday series.

I was first inspired to start Things I Love Thursday after being a long-time reader of Gala Darling. Around that time, I picked up a book that also stressed the importance of taking a little time - be it daily, weekly, monthly, or more - to reflect on what you are thankful for. After that, I needed very little motivation to start jotting down the things in my week that I was grateful for or made me smile. To this day, keeping track of the things I'm thankful for puts my week into perspective, and, I believe, has made me a more positive human being. Some weeks my gratitude lists are small, and some weeks they just include small things (nothing deeply revelatory, unless chocolate counts as such), but I make a point to find something worth smiling for each and every week.

With this week also being Thanksgiving, I feel as if I should be doubly thankful.

Old friends, new friends - sometimes it's hard to keep up with anything remotely social when your day is crammed full of work, class, papers, and feeble attempts at sleep (read: Pinterest). But having the chance to grab a coffee with an old friend or finally get back to your gym dates with a new friend is nice. It's nice to have a social life again, even if just for the holiday break. It's nice to see familiar faces, to laugh, to be nostalgic.

♥ My family, which is massive, and kind of like an onion. And I mean that in a good way; I'm talking about layers here (though, I guess sometimes family does make you cry -- this onion metaphor is working out better than I had planned!). There's the family I see everyday, there a 40 minute trip to Gram's house, there's my Dad's side, my bajillions of cousins, and the family that lives out of town. And I love every single one of those layers.

♥ I have a boyfriend who is incredibly loving and supportive. To have someone by your side during all of the changes that happen over the years, particularly the years where many things do indeed change, I am so grateful.

♥ I am thankful for me. I am in a good place. I am proud of what I have accomplished so far - I have a degree, I'm pursuing another; I've traveled; I've made friends and had wonderfully stimulating conversations, and also sat and watched BBC shows; I've gone to museums and seen and heard people speak; I've written papers and poems; I've read books and contemplated life; I have the freedom to do whatever I'd like, so long as I have the means; there's a roof over my head and food on my table; I have dreams. I don't tell myself enough, and frankly, I don't think many of us do, but I am one awesome person. Go ahead and tell yourself how fantastic you are, too!

little loves
♥ little girls waving as you pass by ♥ delicious, ruby red pomegranate seeds ♥ fluffy, tulle ballerina skirts ♥ Browncoats, Unite! I finally got a  chance to watch it and now I just want to bury myself in Firefly-y goodness ♥ stories that take your breath and imagination away ♥ random acts of kindness ♥ grandma's house ♥ J.crew's Tippi sweater is perfection

What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY: How to Make a Wine Cork Coaster

I once was struck with the genius idea to make my mother's birthday gift out of wine corks. This probably happened in the shower, where most good ideas come to be. I thought to myself, "How hard can drinking 100+ bottles of wine be?".


Between parties and girls' night I think I drank 3 bottles before I caved and just stole corks from friends and family. It's a good idea in theory, but trying to down enough wine by yourself to have the sheer number of corks you would need for crafting is, well, absurd.

Somewhere along the way, I realized that coasters were tiny enough to still get the wine-lover's feel of using corks without having to slice open tons of those little suckers (warning: your hands will smell like cork and there will be debris everywhere after making these). Plus, coasters are practical and these are quite classy looking, methinks.

Want to make a set of your own for holiday entertaining or gift-giving? They're easy-as-pumpkin-pie (assuming there's any pie left after 30 ravenous family members have their go at it!)

You will need:
  • 8 corks per coaster (roughly - the design is up to you!)
  • glue gun
  • Exacto knife or other sharp cutting utensil
  • 4 cork board coasters (these are used for backing to glue the corks to; I opted for square, but you can use circular ones and just trim off any excess cork)

1. Slice your corks in half lengthwise. Careful not to cut yourself! Try to get the halves as even as possible, and the cut end as smooth as you can (don't leave rough and uneven chunks of else the cork won't lay as flat against the backing).

Note: I've tried boiling corks and other tactics to get them to slice cleanly, but with no luck. Maybe I'm just not doing it right, but the outcome wasn't good enough for me to continue. If you find a way, please share!

2. Once your corks are cut, arrange them along the cork board backing in the pattern you want. I staggered these ones, but you could easily just repeat two corks vertically along the whole coaster or come up with another funky pattern! Maybe even cut the corks down further or into shapes if you're feeling adventurous.

3. Glue those corks down! Repeat with your other corks until the coaster backing is covered. Trim up any uneven edges with your knife and voila!



I love how simple these were to make, and especially how nice they turned out! A touch of quirk and rustic charm, but timeless and classy at the same time. With the holidays coming up, these would make a lovely homemade gift for any wine-lover on your list!

What crafty things have you made out of wine corks? 
And speaking of wine - red or white?

Monday, November 19, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v.27

sylph n. [silf]a slender, graceful woman or girl; (in folklore) one of a race of supernatural beings supposed to inhabit the air (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!

Friday, November 16, 2012

An Evening With Neil Gaiman & Stardust

( source )

I don't even remember how or where I heard that Neil Gaiman would be coming to Pittsburgh to speak about Stardust. Pittsburgh gets its fair share of entertainment, from bands and concerts to film gigs, and even lectures due to being a university hot spot, but the lecture series has never brought someone who I so desperately wanted to hear speak. Until now.

Assuming it was part of a book tour - this year marking the 15th anniversary of Stardust, I instantly snatched up tickets, milking the last of my undergraduate student ID. To be honest, I wasn't even sure what to expect, as the description on the series' website was fairly vague, along the lines of "Neil Gaiman is an author who has written many books". Sigh. Any hint of what to expect would be nice - is it a reading? A talk? How much are we going to hear about Doctor Who? Then again, the man could get up on stage and talk about rocks for all I care; it would still be divine. 

It ended up being an evening of a little bit of everything. This was actually just a random stop for Neil, having no official tour of anything planned. Just an appearance in a place that has been trying to get Neil to come for the past, 6 years, I believe? He started out sharing the origins of Stardust and reading a bit from the book. And then I about died - we got to hear a fairly large chunk of The Ocean at the End of the Lane! Hearing Neil's works be read aloud is the best way to hear them, and having a new snippet of a story was exciting enough, but to have it read? Let's just say that I can't wait until June! 

And then he wrapped up with The Day the Saucers Came. Just read it. It's my favorite poem, possibly ever. I about melted into my seat.

But going to this lecture, I realized something:

Neil Gaiman is a storyteller. I've spent many a nights tossing and turning and trying to articulate what makes for a good book. Some, I'm drawn to because of the story; like a good action film, some stories are just begging to be gobbled up, fast-moving and completely engulfing. Other books are richly written. Perhaps the story isn't the greatest, but the way the phrases come together, the way the words melt together makes it beautiful and memorable. There are books where you as a reader identifies with a character, and their thoughts and experiences carry you through. I can't tell you which I prefer - every author has his or her strengths, and every book brings its own reasons for being wonderful. But Neil Gaiman is something different. His stories are magical, his words are simple, but enchantingly precise, even funny. He has captivating characters, fantastic worlds; he has a little bit of everything. But why I keep coming back to his novels, why I can't get enough, is something that I discovered when I reread Stardust before his talk. I read Stardust aloud this time, and that did it. The way the words come together are musical; they are meant to be heard, meant to be read aloud. And hearing Neil read the words as they are meant to be heard it the ultimate reading experience. He is a storyteller, a sharer or oral tradition. And my, was it ever so perfect.

Not to mention that Neil Gaiman has cemented himself in my "Top 3 Voices That Could Turn Humans into Melted Butter" list, right up there with Alan Rickman and Tom Hiddleston. Some people just have a nice tonal quality to their voice, as have nailed the pacing and intonation that would make me want to listen to them read anything at all, weather report, the alphabet, you name it. Neil's voice lulls me into happiness.

And then there's my obligatory low-light, blurry, far-away picture. Note: Neil is directly in front of that man's nose. In fact, it looks like guy-in-front-of-me is resting his nose on Neil's shoulder.

Are you a fan of Neil's works? Who's one author you'd love to see in person?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

9 frozen fellows
( source )

Can I just say how excited I am that dinner is already cooking away? Crockpots are magical, they are. Crockpot sorcery has left me free to spend the rest of the morning sipping mint tea, doing chores, and working a bit on some leftover schoolwork.

♥ Last night I miiiiight have skipped class to go hear Neil Gaiman speak. And by might have I mean I absolutely did, no questions asked. Not only was it a dream to get to see one of my favorite authors, he's someone I could listen to for hours, whether he's relating anecdotes, telling origin stories, reading passages, or sharing inspiration. He's truly a wonderful storyteller, and I'm so glad Neil exists!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, which may just be, dare I say it, my favorite holiday? The jury's still out on that, but I do know that I love seeing my family from out of state, and there's nothing better than all coming together at Gram's house for oodles of stuffing and pumpkin pie. And my aunt and cousins' recent tradition of going Black Friday shopping just for kicks (and by kicks I mean to people watch and grab crazy things, like pancake griddles).

♥ Somehow I got roped into watching Dancing with the Stars with breakfast on Tuesday, and completely zoned out watching Apolo Ohno. Guess who's getting added to my "let's be best friends" list? Also, I now want to watch Grease!
little loves
♥ peppermint bark candies ♥ The Day the Saucers Came is my favorite poem of Neil's ♥ and it's even better to hear it being read! ♥ mint tea ♥ evenings in the city ♥ car rides with friends ♥ lace and bows ♥ embossed book covers ♥ the museum ♥ finishing a paper and feeling good about it ♥ holiday dresses in reds and ice blues ♥

What are you loving this week?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Upcoming Movie Releases You Can Bet I'll Be At the Theater For!

 Ah, the movie theater. Scraggly little thirteen year-olds holding hands awkwardly and running ambivalently in front of your car in the parking lot; sticky floors; jammed armrests; oh, and that woman in front of you who feels the need to vocalize her personal reaction to the movie loud enough for the whole auditorium to hear (and it's not even the amusing kind of commentary). Can you tell how much I love going to the movies?

No really, I make it sound atrocious. It's not that bad. 
I'm no movie buff, but I do love seeing an epic flick on the big screen, or a beloved novel come to life; I usually just don't have the time whereas Netflix and I operate on the same schedule. But every now and then I like to steal away and go see a movie on a random Tuesday afternoon, just by myself. You need to take yourself on a date every now and then, and what better way than to get lost in a story. I haven't been geeked to head out to the movie theater in a long time, but this winter looks like it's going to be different! There's:
Les Miserables - Every time I see the trailer for Les Mis, I cry. Including this new trailer, below. Some of my favorite actors, I story that is so powerful and the combination of the already moving music and strong acting is going make this phenomenal. And cause me to cover myself in tears.

The Life of Pi - Technically, this is around Thanksgiving, but I'm lumping it into my anxiously awaited holiday-season releases. I loved the book, and I'm curious, if not apprehensively so, to see how it gets translated to film. I don't think I'll enjoy it as much as the novel, but I think it has the potential to be visually stunning.

Anna Karenina - I have to admit, I'm stuck on like, page 13 of this on my Kindle. I want to read it, I feel like I should read it, and yet, all I really want is to see it in all of its dreamy Joe Wright-directed cinematic glory. And then I'll get to reading it.

The Hobbit (part one of a trillion, it seems) - Three parts for this movie seems like a wretched idea (wow, I feel like there's a downside to all of these movies that I'm saying I want to see, haha). I loved this book growing up, and I know it's going to be brilliant as a movie, or so my crossed-fingers tell me. But I fail to see how Peter Jackson plans to make three movies out of this story. Whatever. Martin Freeman.

Django Unchained - Quentin Tarentino, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz. I expect unparalleled awesomeness with this release.
Don't even get me started on 2013 releases. Oh dear, what ever is happening to me!? I may make it to the theater more than twice next year! (And by don't get me started, what I mean to say is: Thor 2, Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek, Oz, Monsters University, The Wolverine, Ender's Game, Catching Fire, and more Hobbit - woohoo!)

What's your favorite snack to sneak into the theater with? And how do you deal with poor movie-going etiquette?

Monday, November 12, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v. 26

La Ballet6
source )

aplomb n. [ə-ˈpläm]complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Words of Wisdom

- Malcolm Reynolds
This is your friendly reminder that Browncoats United is airing tonight on the Science channel, and that you should go enjoy a Firefly marathon prior to the festivities :D

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

13 november
( source )

This week feels like someone hit the 'on' switch and there's only one power setting that looks something like this. It actually feels nice to get things done and feel like I'm starting to get somewhere with this big pile of things to do.

Also, if the political flyers in the mail stop now that elections are over, there will be an addendum to this list.

♥ The sheer amounts of political banter on social media sites can either be encouraging or overwhelming(ly opinionated. Usually from those you wish would stop being overwhelmingly opinionated). But voting is such an important right, and I wouldn't feel right not casting mine. I'd be lying if I said that getting a $1 salted caramel cupcake didn't help.

♥ Making plans and goals -- there are so many things that I'm jotting down on my to do list, short-term and long-term alike. It's a big change of mind for me, but I'm learning to finally set those "big, lofty" goals without fear of failure and rejection and it's way past time I learned how.

little loves
♥ I've been eyeing up this super soft flannel shirt from J.crew and finally splurged. It's wintery-perfect and one of the few button downs that fit me - can't beat that! ♥ salted caramel ♥ tea, tea, tea! ♥ date nights ♥ being serenaded while waiting in line ♥ seeing people, young and old, be excited and proud to cast their votes ♥ The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are awesome already, but things are getting good :D ♥
What are you loving this week?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Book Review: Brideshead Revisited

I did not expect to love this novel as much as I have.
Brideshead Revisited is three different novels wrapped into one, and I've found that most people tend to favor or connect with one part more than the others, but which section you feel a greater pull from does not diminish the emotions of the novel any less. One part affection, romance, and friendship; one, a story of alcoholism; and one part religious conversion story, Waugh captures all with such humanity and emotion, each character dripping with haunting motivation. Part of the beauty of the novel is that it can be read in so many ways at so many times, and this is one I can't wait to revisit down the road.
I had a chat with a colleague comparing Forster's characterization of people and human emotions to Waugh's uncanny ability to capture the most stunning details in his writing. Phrases such as, 
"If you asked me now who I am, the only answer I could give with any certainty would be my name. For the rest: my loves, my hates, down even to my deepest desires, I can no longer say whether these emotions are my own, or stolen from those I once so desperately wished to be",
cause goosebumps to prickle on my arms, and Waugh marries his characters together in such a subtle but believable way that make the Flyte family feel truly related. Pick this book up. It's beauty and tenderness on a piece of paper. 
Oh, and Evelyn is a dude. Who married an Evelyn. Confusing much? Yes. Brilliant novel? Absolutely.
Have you read Brideshead Revisited? What did you think!?

Monday, November 5, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v. 25

The Scholar
source )

erudition n. [er-yoo-dish-uhn]knowledge acquired by study, research, etc.; learning; scholarship (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

link love

( source )

Hello loves! Hope your week has been a good one! There's nothing better than winding down at the end of the week with some entertaining, quick reads and a cat asleep on your lap (at least, until your leg falls asleep).

♥ Thanks to Kyla Roma for reminding me to check my spam, where I found this gem from one of my favorite sites ever, The Everygirl: Drink Lattes, Spend Money, and Find Happiness
♥ As an aspiring English teacher, I would be lying if I said I wasn't apprehensive about some of the terrifying attitudes towards reading that I will come up against. The Life of Bon addressed some of these concerns, and society's general attitudes towards reading which, while scary, are eye opening and something I need to seriously consider. I just find it hard to wrap my head around the idea of "not liking" to read or not seeing the point D,: Woe is me!
♥ For my fellow voracious readers, here's some good eye candy courtesy of the rare books at the Library of Congress
Best Job Ever: Lexicographer Erin McKean, interviewed by Modcloth. Not only does this sound like a dream job, I love Wordnik!
♥ How gorgeous  are these limited edition Hobbit Moleskine notebooks?
10 Geektastic iPhone Cases from Secondhand Superhero.
♥ Yes, fandom tea does exist. And some of them absolutely delicious (who wouldn't want to sip a big mug of Reichenbach Recovery while they mourn the end of season 2?)
♥ Juliet of Ever So Juliet shares her top NaNoWriMo tips!
On that note, I know NaNoWriMo isn't practically part of my November this time around. I can barely find time to sleep, let alone write, but I still feel defeated that I'm putting this off for another year. Are you making excuses too, not matter how thought out they are? Here are some things that should never stop you from writing your story.

What fun links have you seen?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello November!

( source )

I find the months of October/November/December to be so dreamy and magical. Something about the changing of leaves, their fall, and the carpet of them that coats the ground for the rainy months afterward, with twisting branches jutting upwards into the sky is breathtaking. I can't tell you how incredibly alive I feel at this time of year, which is especially exciting because the dreaminess gets my creativity flowing, which is something I don't think I've truly felt in a long time. Excited as I may be, this is also extremely frustrating as the time I could be using to sketch and jot down stories and characters are instead riddled with the logistics of organizing several large assignments for the end of term. So while I go about dreaming up these lovely people and scenes in my head, I should probably get going on some things back

Write a paper on the British Estate novel. Self-explanatory, but I'm a tad unsettled that the due date is creeping up on me. It's November already? Seriously?

Gather up the loose ends of my field placement. Though I finished logging my hours and observations notes this week, I've still got some notes to transcribe, forms to fill out, and evaluations to orchestrate. Not to mention some reflections and papers to write. Oh, paperwork ><;

 Finish those books... Somewhere along the line I managed to start 3 different books simultaneously. I need to finish these to not only have a piece of mind, but the longer they take to be read, the less interested in finishing them I become. I need to move onto the next book!!

Christmas shopping: Oh, and then there's that thing called Christmas. Normally I'm on the ball when it comes to shopping and decorating, but I feel a bit behind this year. There are gifts to be made, things to be ordered, wrapping and baking to be done - and I'm excited for that Christmas magic to start, so naturally I want to get started with all of the holiday whatnot!

It really sounds like a boring month, to be honest. I'm more excited for the Christmas holidays, because that means family, food, ice skating, holiday shopping, time to read and bake and just play around! I'm really going to appreciate break this year...

What do you have planned for November?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

Thank god for manual focus
( source )

I hope everyone has made it through the storm safe and sound! Here it wasn't much more than rain and wind, which is pretty typical this time of year anyway, but still scary, not knowing what's coming ashore. I feel like a good cup of tea is in order, whether you're riding out the last few days of rain, or in the clear.

♥ I'm so thankful that we avoided the worst of the storm here in Pittsburgh. There was rain and wind, and while having your city nestled between three rivers isn't the best placement in instances like this, we are safe, warm, and have power, which is enough for me.

♥ Having a girlfriend to talk to is something that I think gets taken for granted by many women, myself included. More often than not, drama overpowers friendships, but every now and then you have a friendship that is fair and strong and lasting and understanding. And it's fantastic feeling during the best and worst of times.

little loves
♥ warm tea ♥ rereading Stardust before going to see Neil Gaiman later this month! ♥ homemade eggplant parmesan ♥ cocoon-like sweaters ♥ rain boots - why it took me until last year to buy a pair, is beyond me, seeing how much it rains here ♥ we're rewatching Lost - can I just say that I'm absolutely team Sawyer + Juliet? ♥ really thick sweatshirts