Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 Days of Lists Wrap Up

#30Lists - Favorite Scents/Smells
You can see all of my lists from the challenge on Flickr!

I can't believe September's practically over! I forget how much doing 30 Days of Lists makes the time fly by.

Honestly, I feel like I skimped a little this round. But you know what? It was right for me. With grad school getting off the ground, the time wasn't there for me to break out fancy paper, glue sticks, and die cuts galore. My journal never would've gotten finished! What I needed was some time to myself, a few minutes a day to just jot down a list - for fun, for organization, to blow off some steam and stop thinking about everything else I needed to get done. That's why I love 30 Days of Lists - it's a challenge sure, but that challenge is whatever you need and want it to be. Was it hard to sit down and make a list on days I was constantly in my car and on the go? Yes. But after all is said and done, I had fun doing it!

List 29 of #30listsFinal list for #30lists !!

It's not too late to partake in the listing festivities though! If you're September was packed and you're just getting some time now, I'd recommend giving 30 Days of Lists a go! It's a "go-at-your-own-pace" sort of project, and the communities are alway active well past the challenge "ending" -- there are always lists being posted in the forums, on Flickr, you name it!

What did you think of #30Lists? I'd love to hear your honest thoughts!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Interview with Angie of Lariats & Lavender

I've known Angie of Lariats & Lavender since the early days of My Life as a Teacup and she's been a super awesome resource and friend! Every now and then, it's nice to just kick back and have a lighthearted conversation, and I couldn't think of a better way to do that than through books! Angie has agreed to share some of her favorite books and thoughts on reading with everyone, and I love hearing what friends have to say about something they equally enjoy :) Thanks Angie!

Hello, My Life as a Teacup readers! My name is Angie, I'm 23 and I live in Utah with my gorgeous wife and soul mate Jen! We just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary, which was wonderful! We have two fur babies, cats named Wedge and Mau and three feather babies, Jango, Leia and Bastila. They keep our hands full, however we love them so much. I'm a gamer and a major geek, I'm an artist and a fashion lover... Oh and I absolutely adore nature! I started blogging in 2009 and still love, love, love the community and the fact that I have my own space on the web for family, hobby, arts and crafts, beliefs, random thoughts and all sorts of post-y goodness. *grin*

I know you're a bit of a bookworm too -- on any given day, what type of book would we find you curled up with? 
I often read fantasy novels (think George R. R. Martin), YA novels, horror novels and manga. I love manga! Both kawaii series' and psychological mind twists. I also love a good non-fiction book, right now I'm lusting over Madame Tussaud: a Novel of The French Revolution. Non-fiction wise, I go for history and science, mostly, with a few "odds and ends" thrown in for good measure. 

What is one book you have fond (or simply strong) memories of growing up? 
I read many Bailey School Kids and Magic Tree House stories, all of which I LOVED, however my grandmother gave me a book called Marni's Mirror by Cheryl Silva that *really* struck a cord with me because I was dealing with serious OCD yet I didn't know I had OCD. In a way, I was a lot like the main character Marni and that book helped me deal with some of my issues. 

Describe your perfect reading spot! 
When we had our couch, Jen would lay on one end facing me and I would lay on the other, facing her and we'd cover up with a blanket and both read. So cozy!!! I also like reading in bed, except my arm gets tired, haha!

The great Kindle vs. physical book debate - ready go! 
Definitely physical book. I don't knock Kindle, because it's fast, easy and has a light up screen which is wonderful for reading while everything is nice and dark. However, a physical book has that... bookish smell. It's comforting. I love how each page gets a little more worn with each read. It's a special kind of magick.

Have you ever met a book you didn't like?
Twilight... I know, I know. There's a lot of people who think differently. The story line was okay, but I didn't like how... wimpy... Bella was. Plus, I personally thought that a lot of the story repeated itself. Oh and sparkling vampires, because my kind of vamp does not sparkle. *wink* I also once borrowed Shapeshifter by Holly Bennett from the library and while the story was good, I felt like a lot was lacking and the ending depressed me! 

What's your guilty reading pleasure?
I would say stories such as The Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice, and stories such as Fifty Shades of Grey. I think, like many other lifestyles, most people get D/s and M/s lifestyles all wrong. These are much more accurate. They definitely aren't for everyone, I know that, however it's always good in my opinion when something that is real, and true, and loving is brought into the spotlight so people could see a different side of the whole shebang. 

If you could live in any book, which would you choose and why?
The Sookie Stackhouse series, for sure. I love supernatural anything, especially vampires, as you know by my Vampirism Monday posts! I also love where the stories take place, because I constantly feel as if the South is where we should one day be. And come on, who wouldn't like a visit to Fangtasia? *wink*
Thank you SO much for having me, Kristin!

Thanks so much, Angie, for giving us a little insight! And also reminding me that I need to go back and reread some Anne Rice -- it's been forever!

Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Days of Lists: Week 4

I can't believe it's already week four of 30 Days of Lists! My, how time flies! This week, I'm noticing how awesome my phone's upgraded camera is. Better pictures while on the go? Like, drastically better pictures? I'm in!

#30lists prompt 22!#30lists list 23
List 24 of #30listsList 25 of #30lists
List 26 of #30listsList 27 of #30lists
List 28 of #30lists

click through to view the lists bigger!

Have the past few weeks of listing flown by for you too?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

Raspberry cheecake 1:12
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Today is my birthday! I love that it falls at the end of September; to me it's the perfect time of year. It truly feels like autumn, with leaves turning and the weather cooling down. The rains have usually started by now, and it's all another excuse to bundle up into cozy sweaters and tights. It's not too cold yet, nor to seasonal with Halloween coming - it still feels crisp. Perfect! And this year, my birthday's on a Thursday, which I've always quite liked in particular.

It's funny, I don't feel any older, and twenty two isn't that old - though frankly, I'm starting to lose track of how old I am. With no age-related milestones to hit now (at least for a good while) I suppose I'm starting to mark the years differently. The years seem to pass faster and blur together and I capture moments for the year out of that.

But enough "getting older" sap -- the week's been filled with little celebrations with family and friends, free birthday coffees, and pre-ordered DVDs that just happen to be releasing around my birthday (an accidental birthday gift to myself? Sure, I'll take it!). The Boy and I are heading out for dinner tonight, mainly because I'm obsessed with my birthday burrito from Mad Mex. Sweet.

♥ Yesterday I got a surprise text from my cousin who I then met for lunch at Nakama. We've always been close despite being 8 years apart, and it was great to catch up and just chat. Seriously, we've tried to get together for lunch for going on 3 years now. Evidently, planning doesn't do us any good and spontaneity won out after all. As well as the best onion volcano I've ever seen. Don't even get me started on the fact that Nakama has a frequent eater's card. I'm so tempted.

Supernatural season 7 finally came in. Dan and I are fully immersed in watching it and I'm so glad to have Sam & Dean & Cas back in my life xD

little loves
seeing the leaves begin to change ♥ emails from awesome professors ♥ singing musical soundtracks at the top of my lungs when no one is home ♥ free drinks from Starbucks >.> ♥ coffee with my lovely fellow grad classmates ♥ golumpki ♥ when Reiley decides to nap on my lap ♥ birthday cards! ♥ Anne Hathaway gives me chills, and I cannot wait to see this come Christmas! One of my favorites!

What are you loving today?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

25 Before 25

My maturity runs rampant. Even to this day, I go to the museum and pretend I'm on a safari, hiding amongst the installations and acting according to the climate and surrounding animals. I'm pretty sure my cousin was terribly embarrassed to be seen with me.

Despite the fact a few months ago I was running around a Toys R Us hunting for action figures and Lego sets, I've always felt mature for my age (holy oxymorons, Batman - but really, I swear!). From age five I had been taught to always take a look at the bigger picture and a lifetime of wacky family lectures and growing up with a working single parent meant being independent early on and being okay with it. And tomorrow I'll be twenty two; where has all the time gone? 

I feel as if I've done so much - I've traveled abroad, I've graduated college, presented at conferences, visited friends who have started new lives, seen friends who are right down the street still; I've started this blog, watched family grow, been in plays - and yet I feel there is so much I have yet to do. I look forward to owning a home of my own, of throwing themed parties, writing a novel, going parasailing; from simple little joys to long-term endeavors, I can't wait to live each year ahead of me. 

Twenty two isn't an intimidating age (I not-so-secretly can't wait to be in my thirties - I feel like they will be amazing years!) and I'm quite looking forward to the new adventure! Somehow I feel like just one year's difference will not only mean a fresh start, but a whole new chapter that's not like the last. Grad school and a real job seem like such a far cry from finishing undergrad just a few short months ago.

On that note, I attempted a 101 in 1001 project a few years ago, and while I enjoyed the prospect of setting long-term goals (versus what was at the time just New Year's Resolutions), it quickly became too hefty of a list to keep up with. I felt like I was doing things just to tick off on my list, and those "goals" started pressuring me and weighing me down. I still like the idea, but I think a modified list would be best. Enter the 25 Before 25. These are all much more meaningful goals, and I think more achievable goals, while still giving me the time and flexibility I need to live life in the meantime! Wish me luck!

1. Paint a picture
2. Run a 5K
3. Move into my own apartment
4. Read all of Shakespeare's plays (consciously, this time)
5. Meet a blogger friend in person!
6. Have a wardrobe that reflects me, my age, and one that I feel confident in
7. Learn to knit
8. Get another tattoo
9. Host a dinner party
10. Start a vegetable garden
11. Make homemade pierogies
12. Write a story (dare I do it through NaNoWriMo?), regardless if it's rubbish
13. Get my weight down to 120lbs.
14. Land a permanent job
15. Pass JLPT level 3
16. Attend a blog conference
17. Go camping
18. Learn another language (Korean? French?)
19. Read all of the unread books on my shelf
20. Take a yoga class
21. Learn my wines and what I like
22. Go geocaching
23. Learn to make three different cocktails
24. See a movie at the drive-in
25. Travel somewhere (plane required! Paris? Vegas? the West Coast? Comic-con?)

Some are more lofty goals than others, while things like making homemade pierogies is just something I've always wanted to try. So I best get on these, huh?

I feel like the best years are ahead of me, and I can't wait for what's to come!

What are your long-term (or spur-of-the-moment!) goals? I'd love to hear what you're hoping to tackle!

Monday, September 24, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v.19

Cat Black
( source )

portend trans v. [pȯr-ˈtend]: to give an omen or anticipatory sign of (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

DIY Catnip Toy

My good friend Angie is so close with her fur family that I couldn't help but send this little tutorial her way! I know my cat Reiley is a big part of my life, and these toys are some of her favorites (she's a simple girl :D). Angie has agreed to host this little catnip toy DIY on Lariats and Lavender today, and I think you'll really enjoy it! Even if you don't have a cat, it's a quick little project for family and friends that do :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

30 Days of Lists: Week 3

Weekends are usually my lag time, as I'm typically at work Friday-Sunday and by the time I get to writing my lists, it's dark and photographs turn out bleh. So there usually ends up being a period of time on Sunday/Monday morning where I quickly capture the weekend's lists, and then I'm back on my game for the week! It's nice to have a little break from feeling like THIS NEEDS DONE NOW and still get things like dishes, ironing, and school work done.

List #15 of #30lists#30lists Day #16
open-uri20120917-24001-17ggk5xList 18 of #30lists
List 19 #30listsList 20 of #30lists
List 21 of #30lists

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Do you find you're staying on top of the daily prompts? Or do you play catch-up during certain times too?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Things I Like Thursday

Mosfellsbær/We took a walk
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Oh, Thursdays. I've been so amiss this week, and I can't quite put my finger on why. All I've been wanting to do is to cocoon myself in blankets and sweaters and withdraw from the world. Into a book, into a game, into a fantasy where things are magical and transporting. The organizing and planning is getting to me, and I just want to shun responsibility, stretch out, and just feed off of spur of the moment moods and emotions. That's not to mean, say, carelessness, but just a freedom - I think in creativity. I've missed it and after a drought, I'm starting to yearn for it again and that excites me.

But I am quite in love with some things. And ever so thankful.

♥ When Grandma visits! I grew up with my grandparents, and every now and then Gram comes over for lunch or so and it's so nice to just talk. She's an amazing woman. And bakes delicious things.

♥ Let me be materialistic for a minute: I'm super excited for my iPhone 5 to come in. Mine is an old 3GS, and while I know that 'old' is relative, technology makes it so a few months is already 'old'. I'm not picky with cars, or fancy this or that, but my phone is my lifeline - just the ability to email has saved me countless trips to and from campus as a commuter student, plus I can keep everything organized, which I live for. Not to mention my phone now vibrates in random patterns for no apparent reason. It's time for an upgrade, and time for a phone that will be quiet when I tell it to >.> Also, I bought this case for it. Avengers + Sailor Moon? Yes please.

♥ The mechanics for my field placements are in gear and I couldn't be more excited or nervous! Except, well, when next year rolls around and I get my actual student teaching assignment. Then I'll be more nervous. But for now, I'll suck up the potential rush-hour drive of doom and make the best of where I'll be!

Kind of enjoying these #outfit posts :) Casual day!Grandma brought nothings!!
Aston, Queen Vic, Rosie Lee, and Branwen's FeatherStudy break!

little loves
♥ I can't get enough of the new Hobbit trailer! ♥ getting out of work early ♥ my co-worker's awesomely gorgeous wedding photos ♥ officially scarf weather ♥ surprise nothings from Grandma ♥ lovely Butter London nail polish colors ♥ letting my head spin with ideas for stories and paintings ♥ blush wine ♥ when my GPS tells me which lane I need to be in - saves me a thousand and one panic attacks ♥ lovely little feather earrings from Cbiji Collection ♥ I'm enjoying posting outfits to IG, which isn't something I normally do. Period. But it's strangely satisfying and challenging and confidence-building all at once. This is coming from someone who rarely gets dressed.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The No Brainer Wardrobe: Part II

Hayley of The Tiny Twig is awesome. 

You might have heard me sing her praises before when I reviewed her e-book The No Brainer Wardrobe, but I'm going to sing them again. To turn my wardrobe-disaster-zone into a relatively put-together and organized concept is a job well done, and I couldn't have gathered the courage or sense to dive right into it without a little push from The No Brainer Wardrobe. Feel free to check out my previous post about TNBW to get a feel for where I'm coming from because today, I'm taking the next plunge (and dear me, is it a terrifying one).

As you might have surmised from the previous posts, I've got no problem scoring neutrals for my closet. It's like I have neutral-radar wired into my brain. Is that a beige cardigan I spy over there? Why yes, I do have 3 of these shirts in grey, black, and charcoal. With this mindset, building up my basics was easy as chocolate cake, but this left the third category - The Finishers - as relatively uncharted territory.

The No Brainer Wardrobe sums up the "Finisher" pieces like so:
The Finishers are the pieces that make an outfit fun or special. The
pieces in this group may be more expensive than the other group or
they could just as easily be found on clearance at a Value Store.
They are the pieces that make you excited to wear an outfit. They
oftentimes make a statement.  
Essentially, they're versatile polishing pieces. And yet here I am, finding it ridiculously difficult to put mine together! To me, a finisher should be something eye-catching and snazzy that it truly makes an outfit, but I find that when I start scoping out these pieces, they quickly turn into one-time wears. It's hard to find the balance between being interesting and stand-out yet being versatile enough to get more than a few special occasion uses out of it.

So my aim is to find classic pieces that are still interesting enough to be the outfit-maker piece. I'm not opposed to a seemingly crazy print or trendy buy if it can be mixed and matched with existing clothing well enough, but I want to build a solid base of pieces that I'd get a lot of use of before I start exploring things that may require me to think outside the box a bit.

No Brainer Wardrobe: The Finishers

Hayley's selection on her blog includes two vests in the Finishers category, but I'm nixing them because  frankly, I haven't yet found a vest that works well with er, more well endowed women. Puffer vests just make my top look huge, cute as they may be. But otherwise I stuck with my own variations - either clothing I already own or is on my shopping list - that fits into the general categories that Hayley laid out. Items like khakis, oxfords, and blouses are all versatile enough to be worn in many combination and on many occasions, but most have a fun detail or finish that I think could make them work for me and give a little pop. I definitely think I could get a lot of use out of this collection! Still enough unique details without having to go buy crazy one-wear tops (though I'm not opposed to a cute and somewhat out there print every once & a while!)

Want to flip through Hayley's e-book and start cleaning your closet yourself? Click above and get started!

Have you noticed a change in what's in your repertoire after reading The No Brainer Wardrobe?  What do you look for in your Finisher pieces?

I bought The No Brainer Wardrobe on my own dollar and fell in love with it. All the opinions here are my own, however if you do purchase your copy of The No Brainer Wardrobe via the link above, you will be helping me out as well as Hayley! I loved her e-book so much that I'm promoting it as an affiliate, but in all honesty - I think you'll love it too!

Monday, September 17, 2012

For the Love of a Linguaphile v.18

366 • 149 • Last day before final exam
( source )

travail n[trə-ˈvāl]: work especially of a painful or laborious nature; physical or mental exertion or piece of work (via

For the Love of a Linguaphile is a weekly series where I share the joys of being an English major and language lover with a useful new vocabulary word or definition that keeps popping up lately. Hopefully you can incorporate a new word into your vocabulary, or even share one of your favorite words!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

link love

A Dictionary of Despicable Words - ha! I'm guilty of using some of these, perhaps too much, but some definitely irk me!
How to read the landscape from your plane window
Japan's best-selling videogames of all time. Some of these rankings surprise me, and then some do not.
♥ Dear Creatures' autumn 2012 line is heavenly!
♥ Kam of Campfire Chic shared these 15 Questions I Ask Myself at a Bar, and I'm totally on board. Bars are a strange place to me.
kaylanut's fiance rigged their wireless printer and I literally spat out my coffee one morning after seeing this.
8 Productivity Hacks for Getting Out of To-Do List Purgatory via LifeHack. Essential for to-do list junkies like myself
Literary Inklings reviewed the Sterling Signature Shakespeare series, which combines the classic plays with gorgeous laser paper cuttings
5 Things to Do For Yourself Right Now
♥ I love me a good library. The world's most beautiful libraries therefore easily won me over. I still love my dear Carnegie Library though :D
Zie Darling's illustrations are so creepily adorable! They remind me of Tim Burton with a dash of pink hair bows.
♥ An Alice-themed climbing wall -what's not to love?
♥ Kitsune-kun's photographs of Toro Nagashi are beautiful and so ethereal.
♥ And Kyla's chilly chai from scratch sounds like the perfect transition from summer into fall!

As if Flight of the Conchords wasn't awesome enough, they made a charity single featuring local kids' answers to their questions. Adorable and hilarious.

I need to stop hoarding all of my links and then posting 10,000 at a time xD

Any good links you've found lately?

Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Days of Lists: Week 2

I've been so inspired by everyone's super creative lists! The Flickr pool and IG feeds are full of such colorful and fun layouts, not to mention great lists themselves. I've seen everything from stickers, to die cuts, to collages -- it's so cool to see how everyone chooses to interpret and show their list on paper (or computer!).

I try to illustrate where I can, but not every list is easy to doodle a corresponding picture, so instead I make it a point to focus on my handwriting and some not-the-norm font styles for myself when I'm writing my lists. It's not the most glamorous collection, but with one big creative project on my plate with Project Life, #30Lists has been more of my mental creative exercise. I feel so much better when I can take a moment to make a "what if..." list for fun, or escape to the fictional places I wish I lived in; it's stress relief and it makes me look forward to a little "me" time each afternoon!

Day 8 of #30lists !!List #9 #30lists
List #10 #30listsList #11 #30lists
#30lists List #12Day #13 of #30lists - This list could've easily been solely Tom Hiddleston. What I wouldn't give just to have coffee and talk Shakespeare.
List #14 of #30lists
click through to view the lists bigger!

Are you going all out with your crafting and scrapbooking supplies? Or are you keeping it more laid back?