Friday, September 30, 2011

monthly wrap up + Weekly Lists

Fall is finally settling in and I couldn't be happier! September has always been one of my favorite months, always laden with school, my birthday, the emergence of pumpkin spice lattes, and all sorts of good things! I started the first part of my application for grad school: taking the first round of Praxis tests; I finally made it to the O to feel like a real Pitt student; celebrated my cousin's bridal shower; and celebrated my 21st birthday throughout this last week here with friends, family, and the Boy. This month has really allowed me to refocus on myself and what I need to do in order to function amidst all of the school work, work work, and friends. It's been rough, but I think I'm back on track!

In the blog world this month was a big one for 30 Days of Lists. I've been working all month long on my little book of lists and even hosted one of the list prompts! Throughout the month there were some birthday-inspired posts, like some birthday wishlist finds, A-Z of Me, and some more personal facts. I tackled some personal budgeting and got some of your suggestions as well!

30 Days of Lists is also coming to a close, but it's been one of the most exciting projects I've participated in online. March was fantastic, but this September edition just blew me away with just how much the #30Lists community has grown! I really hope there are plans for more #30Lists projects in the future from Kam, Justine, and Amy, but I'll keep on list-making regardless!

Week 4 List Recap:

List 24

List 24 - Things I Like to Do When I'm Sick

♥ stay in bed with a good book (and stuffed animal!)
♥ eat kid food and watch cartoons -- Something about being sick makes me regress to being a 6-year old again, and all I want to do is eat a grilled cheese with the crusts cut off and watch Scooby Doo…
♥ have a t.v. box set marathon
♥ draw little comics, do crafts
♥ take a hot bubble bath (especially Lush!)
♥ scour StumbleUpon, religiously
♥ build a blanket fort
♥ clean -- I was always that kid who, whenever I missed a day of school, didn't lay around sick in bed, but felt compelled to get up and dust everything in my room. I'm sure dust and cleaning solutions are counterproductive to feeling better, but I was so productive and felt so much better, mentally. I still clean like a madwoman when I'm sick now.
♥ drink tea!

 List 25

List 25 - Today's To Do List

♥ work on list #26
♥ finish reading House of Leaves
♥ work
♥ Social Education class
♥ dentist ><;;
♥ finish Ch 5 of Statistics HW
♥ mail birthday 'thank yous'
♥ roasted red pepper pasta for dinner
♥ psychology paper

List 26

List 26 - Things to Do Before My Next Birthday

Funnily enough, this list prompt was for the day exactly before my birthday! So for me, this turned out to be a mini to-do list :)

♥ take a bubble bath
♥ drink some coffee
♥ read more Anansi Boys
♥ watch Supernatural
♥ sleep in!
♥ Pottermore!

List 27

List 27 - Overused Words and Phrases
♥ "not gonna lie..."
♥ Whatev
♥ What?
♥ I call everyone sweetpea
♥ definitely
♥ lovely
♥ various car-related expletives

List 28

List 28 - If I Ruled the World...
If I 'ruled' the world - haha, get it? Yeah, I thought it was real clever at the time...

♥ higher education wouldn't cost an arm and a leg
♥ gas wouldn't be so expensive
♥ "the arts" would be taken just as seriously as math and science
♥ no more ignorance about depression and other mental affects
♥ no more stereotyping
♥ free books for everyone!
♥ you could do what you love and get paid for it
♥ equal school facilities

List 29

List 29 - Things That Were Awesome About This Month

♥ turning 21
♥ passing the PRAXIS I
♥ the return of the PSL
♥ passing my Stats exam!
♥ changing leaves
♥ Pottermore >.>
♥ #30Lists!

List 30

List 30 - I'm Proud of Myself For...

♥ making my dreams and goals happen
♥ winning a scholarship for + living in Japan for a summer
♥ earning a degree (well, pursuing one, technically)
♥ having the strength to end unhealthy relationships and friendships
♥ learning to be myself

How was your month? Did you play along with #30Lists?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

link love

♥ Artist Robin Kaplan does insanely adorable geeky art via theGorgonist -- like this "Lady Vader" print!
♥ The Grimoire store of Shibuya has one of the most magical store interiors I've ever seen! The Dolly-Kei movement is definitely something I'll have to keep an eye on in the next few years. All the ambience of a magical forest and spooky at the same time!
♥ Pittsburgh's The Mattress Factory has a whole slew of videos showcasing their resident artists' installations, like this newest one featuring Pablo Valbuena
♥ Imogen Heap performs her music through body movement with a pair of gloves "equipped with wireless mics, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope and a variety of other sensors".
♥ The NPR releases the results of the top 100 Science-Fiction and Fantasy books
Zombie Engagement Photos. These guys are awesome.
♥ I wonder if my hair is long enough to try out this rag rolled hair tutorial from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess!
♥ The Mary Sue presents a timeline of science fiction movies according to their setting.
♥ A QR-code based grilled cheese chain? Sounds delicious

What fun links have you found?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

30 Days of Lists: List 24

Hello dears! Have you been taking part in this month's #30Lists challenge? If not, it's never too late to start! It's fairly simple, so it's super easy to do while juggling things like work/school/life. If you already are participating, I'd love to see your lists!

Also, today yours truly is hosting list 24! I'm sharing my strange routine of simultaneous comfort and productivity in list form. Honestly, I don't quite understand it myself, but there's something about being sick that just makes me want to clean like a madwoman but curl up on the couch in a blanket all at the same time...

List 24

List 24: Things I Like to Do When I'm Sick

Head on over to 30 Days of Lists to check out my list of Things I Like to Do When I'm Sick

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Week's Lists

You're kidding, right? This is headed into the last week of #30Lists?

List 17

List 17: Fictional Characters I Love
♥ Jayne Cobb (Firefly)
♥ Uther Doul (The Scar)
♥ Hermione Granger (HP)
♥ Castiel (Supernatural)
♥ Marshall (HIMYM)
♥ Fred & George Weasley (HP)
♥ Sayid (Lost) // He can kill people WITH HIS THIGHS.
♥ Katniss (Hunger Games)
♥ Fanny Price (Mansfield Park)
♥ Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey)
♥ Bellis Coldwine (The Scar)
♥ Colonel Brandon (Sense & Sensibility)
♥ Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre)

P.S. Somehow I forgot Snape on this list. I don't want to talk about it ><;;
P.S.S. I could keep going on and on and on with this list....

List 18

List 18: A few of my favorite things...
♥ a good book
♥ overcast days in autumn
♥ worn-in tees
♥ cardigans
♥ long car drives
♥ handwritten notes
♥ napping with the kitten
♥ open windows

List 19

List 19: Inventions I Wish Were Real
♥ portal guns
♥ teleportation
♥ time machines
♥ that gun-zapper thing of Marvin the Martians so that I can zap people at work who are a pain
♥ a self-writing pen -- I love writing, but sometimes I love it so much than my hand wants to fall off!

P.S. Someone mentioned Hermione's time turner. Yesyesyesyesyes!

List 20 

List 20: Dream Space
I won't lie, I have oodles of inspiration of future houses/rooms/ideas collected on Pinterest (people ask how I procrastinate and I need only point them to that site ><;;). But here are some of my must haves:

♥ a window nook for reading books
♥ lofts and spiral staircases
♥ hardwood floors and big, big windows
♥ built in bookshelves
♥ a little art studio space
♥ wine cellar? Sure, why not!?

List 21

List 21: T.V. Shows I Wish Would Come Back
♥ Firefly
♥ Pushing Daisies
♥ Doug
♥ Sailor Moon
♥ Flight of the Conchords
♥ Boy Meets World

List 22

  List 22: Ways to Avoid Housework
I feel like my general rule for procrastination applies in this case, so rather than list more ways to procrastinate (which is procrastination in itself, no?), I thought of sharing some of my tips to avoid having housework pile-up

Make a list! I keep a little list to remind me what chores need done on what day, so I don't miss something like garbage night and also so I'm not letting things build up to tackle in one day
Space chores out - Doing a quick round of dusting or running the vacuum is a lot less daunting than "cleaning the entire room", which could take hours. So I do maybe one or two things each day
On that note, those Swiffer Dusters are my best friend. Quick and easy and that's what I'm all about
No more than one box of keepsakes - I'm all for saving things out of memory, but if I pass more than one box, it's too much. A big dent in my cleaning plans lies in organization; I keep amassing things and they pile up, so I make sure to go through things like this, including closets, papers, files, etc. every few months or so, so I don't have unnecessary junk

But if you really don't want to do housework...
♥ Pinterest -- Pinterest is a great way to avoid doing anything. And I say that with the utmost love

List 23

List 23: If I Won the Lottery
♥ quit my job
♥ buy a house
♥ buy Mum a house
♥ have a second home in Japan (and Italy!)
♥ travel to each of the 7 continents (My Dad and I have this goal to hit each one at least once. He has me beat here)/travel the world
♥ donate to the city library
♥ save it!
♥ ...after I buy Penguins season tickets :D

List 9: Weekend Plans

List 9: Weekend Plans
When list 9 rolled around, my weekend consisted solely of work, schoolwork, dinner, sleep, repeat -- which was a list I really didn't want to acknowledge myself xD So know that I'm not working all weekend, I figured it'd make for a much more interesting list. 

And so I bring you my belated weekend plans!

♥ my cousin's bridal shower
♥ bachelorette party - fondue!
♥ visiting family
♥ working on my psychology project
♥ catch up with Supernatural
♥ work ><;;
♥ read more House of Leaves

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

I passed the Praxis I! Well, at least I think I did. Since I took the three-part test on the computer, I got my reading and math scores back immediately, which, with some quick googling, looks like they're passing scores for the state of Pennsylvania! Granted, that's provided the information I found was correct. And updated. And not taking the score of the writing portion into account. But I'm pretty confident that I did well :)

♥ As a "hey-I-think-I-passed-this-test"/early birthday gift to myself, I stopped by Anthropologie and treated myself to these adorable, mustard-color acorn flats. I'd been eyeing them online since they came out and I had a little coupon off for my birthday and figured, why the heck not? They're super cute -- fall colored (I match those little oval-shaped leaves on the ground!) and comfy as well.

♥ For my English Seminar class, we've started reading House of Leaves and I can't put it down. Well, I can if I have to hold it up to the mirror for too long, but it's absolutely captivating. Johnny's story I don't care too much for in comparison to the focus on the always-expanding and changing house. It's quite spooky, really, and really interestingly done.

little loves
♥ pumpkin spice lattes ♥ scarves ♥ comfort foods ♥ sweater skirts ♥ anticipating delish squash! ♥ going upstairs in the morning to find the bed made ♥ rainy days ♥ Nathan Fillion ♥ reading Real Simple magazine ♥ walks outside ♥ making surprise DIYs! ♥ the colors of candy corn ♥ toasted marshmallows ♥ Jane Eyre

what are you loving this week?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pittsburgh Adventures: The 'O'

Ever since I mentioned that I felt like a terrible Pitt student, never having eaten at the 'O' before, my friend Julie insisted on taking me to dine at the king of all artery-clogging, college student slum-house of an infamous restaurant. I'm the girl who enjoys home-cooked meals and gets sick if I eat too many McDonald's french fries, so while this is inherently against my nature, I feel as if I can't graduate from Pitt without eating at the 'O'.

The "O"
( mackproject )

I find this whole escapade hilarious.

April, Julie, and I were all set to meet up for 'O'-goodness back in August. 

It's now the end of September. I'll let you do the math.

We were sick. Work got in the way. Theater got in the way. Then there was more sickness. And headaches. And work. And I'm pretty sure we all took a turn in rotation each week postponing this adventure for a whole month. 

We finally made it. Kinda. April and I at least got to dine on greasy cheese fries and "Superdogs". Mmm. I guess we'll call this 'O' part I?

Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's Lists

'lo everyone! Another week of #30Lists down, two more to go! I can't believe we're headed into week 3 already. And on that note, I can't believe that September's halfway gone, either. I don't know where all this time is going (because it's certainly not hanging around here with me) 

List 10

List 10: At This Moment...

♥ curled up in bed
♥ in my oversized t-shirt
♥ drinking green tea
♥ listening to "Little Shop of Horrors" on vinyl
♥ doing psych schoolwork!

List 11

List 11: Favorite Things About This Time of Year

♥ sweaters
♥ chai lattes
♥ comfort foods
♥ the local Apple Festival
♥ pumpkin picking
♥ flannel!
♥ mountain vacations
♥ pretty fall leaves
♥ Halloween
♥ hockey season starts!
♥ blankets
♥ knit hats

List 12

List 12: Things That Motivate Me

♥ Pinterest
♥ blogs
♥ a good book or song
♥ an organized workspace
♥ deadlines
♥ time alone to think

(this was a terribly experiment in color choice xDD)

List 13

List 13: Things I Do To Procrastinate

♥ work on other, menial tasks (like 'take a shower' - I just need to cross thing off my list ><;;)
♥ Pinterest
♥ clean up and reorganize iTunes
♥ start a T.V. show marathon
♥ bake
♥ clean my room
♥ read (but not what I should be -- something fun instead!)
♥ get lost on the internet

List 14

List 14: Favorite Outfits to Wear

♥ mauve cardigan, w/simple black v-neck tee and jeans
♥ striped ruffled tank with black cardigan
♥ floral print navy sundress and gladiators
♥ cream cardigan and brown, chunk knit cowl scarf
♥ mauve 3/4 sleeve jersey dress with ribbed grey stocking and booties!

List 15

List 15: Never Have I Ever

♥ been to D.C.
♥ gone camping (need to fix this ASAP!)
♥ taken a road trip (this too)
♥ gotten a detention
♥ been to an NFL game (then again, I really don't care -shrug-)

List 16: Dream Jobs

List 16: Dream Jobs

♥ librarian // I blame this on loving Rachel Weisz in "The Mummy" when I was a girl. And I just love the library
♥ paleontologist // I've always had a love for dinosaurs! I'd sit and learn everything I could about them, and it helped to have a killer museum too!
♥ photographer for National Geographic
♥ professional muse // I once saw a little article commenting on an ad that someone put out for just this. I still can't help thinking how awesome it would be to basically be in charge of finding and creating inspiration for someone (and get paid to do it!)
♥ actress
♥ bakery owner
♥ travel journalist // Get paid to travel? Yes please!
♥ book shop owner

I'm gonna toss marine biologist on here too. I still never quenched my love for that. Just that, you know, I have no chemistry/biology background xD

Show me your lists!

Friday, September 9, 2011

This Week's Lists

I can't believe it's been one full week of 30 Days of Lists so far! I've missed doing the prompts terribly and am so glad to be participating again. The prompts this time around are some of the most fun and thoughtful lists I've made to date!

List 4: Things to Do on a Sunday
List 4

♥ have a pancake brunch
♥ sleep in!
♥ stay in bed and play video games
♥ read a book on the porch
♥ take a bubble bath
♥ do yoga
♥ go to a flea market
♥ drink tea!

List 5: Things I Need an App For

List 5

♥ organizing my life (I have tons of apps for different things, school work, money, etc. but what I need is one super-app for keeping everything in one place!) 
♥ avoiding the bakery when I go grocery shopping (but everything looks so goooood!) 
♥ remembering to drink my tea (or letting my know when it's the right temperature -- I usually let it sit to cool a bit and then forget about it ><;;) 
♥ tracking down all the best cupcake joints in the neighborhood (contrary to number 2, but imperative none-the-less) 
♥ letting me know that that road is STILL closed before I get there... 
♥ putting on makeup and getting ready in the mornings (futuristic closet, anyone?)

  List 6: Favorite Color Combinations 
List 6
♥ grey + yellow 
♥ blush + grey 
♥ sugar pink + green 
♥ poppy + turquoise 
♥ teal + copper 
♥ moss green + brown 
♥ teal + brown 
♥ peach/coral/robin's egg blue 
♥ plum + moss green

  List 7: I'm not very good at... 
List 7 
♥ the timing on automatic doors (On a number of occasions I've been to quick and walked square into them ><;) 
♥ getting food into my mouth (You'd think after 20 years I'd learn how to not drop food out of my mouth or down my shirt) 
♥ writing in a straight line (this paper has lines - I cheat) 
♥ remembering when to use lay/lie, etc. 
♥ *not* compulsively checking my email (Facebook, not so much of a problem. Email - doom) 
♥ remembering to use coupons 
♥ remembering to take things out of the oven 
♥ not walking into walls, counters, and other large objects... 

List 8: Things That Remind Me of My Childhood
List 8 
 ♥ grilled cheese sandwiches cut on the diagonal 
♥ Scooby Doo 
♥ Harry Potter 
♥ trips to the bank (w/lollipops!) 
♥ Doug 
♥ Fraggle Rock! 
♥ cousins 
♥ trips to the library (Book-it!) 
♥ dress up and adventuring -- my cousins and I would alway raid our box of collected costumes and old clothes from my mum and grandmother and be adventurers, or sled ride down the neighboring "Mt. Everest".

I'm holding off on the 9th prompt - "Weekend Plan" until next weekend; I'll probably just double up and do two lists in one day, since all I'm doing this weekend is working. Not a terribly exciting list. But these weekends coming up should be more eventful!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Love Thursday


♥ It's been cool enough (and rainy!) these past few days that I seized the opportunity to bust out some pieces of my fall wardrobe, like this new favorite go-to plaid flannel-y skirt via Modcloth. It's the perfect tea length, thick fabric that billows and blows and just love. And then some guy in the Cathedral asked my if it was a kilt, and we got into a discussion about if-it's-a-woman-in-a-kilt-is-it-still-a-kilt-debate.

Chai lattes. I drink them year-round, but there's something about fall setting in the just screams "chai latte time!"

little loves
♥ hockey season nears! ♥ tuesday night hangouts ♥ watching old Dir en grey lives (and the new, as well!) ♥ scouring my old neighborhood in Hakodate on GoogleMaps ♥ rainy days ♥ That guy up there, who has woven the biggest web on the side of my house. As I was trying to take a picture of the spider-less web, he came down from the overhang of the house and proceeded to dine ♥ boots ♥ concocting delicious dinners with random leftovers (and it turning out super good!)

What are you loving this week?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Budgeting Basics


Despite how overly anal I am about organizing, my finances are one area that I just can't seem to keep track of, not so much because I have difficulty managing my money, but because I try to organize too much. Part of the reason I think I'm dying to graduate and start out in the real world is to have a salaried job and not a part-time position that fluctuates based on the amount of hours that I work; budgeting around something that is never truly consistent has presented quite a challenge for my checkbook. The least I could do, I figured, is to keep as true a budget as I can at the moment, simply to track my expenses and get a rough idea of where my spending is focused.

By a happy accident (or just an accident, really) I have a few different accounts with my bank. While sometimes a blessing and curse (keeping track of two checking accounts is just more paperwork to deal with), I find it more of a blessing more often than not. Having a long term, interest-accumulating savings account as well as a regular checking, I have a short-term savings "account" to stash funds in as well. My long term houses my growing emergency fund and once I hit my goal with that, I start pumping up my short term savings (which I currently add to just a little at a time).

Though I have a division of my money through my bank, that doesn't mean I've ditched the envelope in the sock drawer technique. For goals that require cash (like some of our Gettysburg money), taking an Anthropologie receipt holder (they're too cute to throw out and they're the perfect fit!) and labeling it with the cause allows me to put the money away and out of mind so that I'm not tempted to dip in to funds for other things. It also lets me save for specific goals and having an exact, tangible stopping point while keeping everything in one place (and not having to worry about allocating the space in my bank account and forgetting what I've been saving towards!)

I don't have a ton of expenses at the moment, and for that I am lucky. I stick by my simple rules - put aside some money for my savings at every paycheck, don't dip into emergency funds unless it is an emergency, don't have more than two credit cards (one retail, one bank) and don't accumulate debt, and treat yourself every now and then. I've got a good handle on my spending habits even after just a few months of hardcore monitoring and I imagine that once I have a more regulated paycheck, I'll already have good financial habits going for me.

Some of my favorite budgeting tools include:

Mint tracks your banking activity digitally, so all your information is up-to-date and accounted for without you forgetting to total in a receipt, etc. I was a little hesitant at first, having financial information even being associated with online/digitally stored, but Mint is incredibly secure and worth checking out. You can categorize your income and spending as simply or as detailed as you like and Mint will even show you graphical representation of your finances. Nice to see what areas are eating up most of your budget.

Google Docs for a good old-fashioned spreadsheet budget! Sometimes I just need to put things in manually in order to make a mental note of them. Saving receipts and looking at them after I've made a purchase makes me more conscious of my spending. And there are plenty of templates in Google's library, so you don't even have to draft up your own formatting and equations. Simply re-name some categories if need be and plug in your numbers -- easy peasy!

And then I found this xkcd comic, which is pretty accurate as well :)

What are some of your financial rules to live by? Any favorite ways to budget or manage your expenses?

Monday, September 5, 2011

Matsuri Inspiration on Upcountry Vintage


I'm blogsitting for the lovely Jess of Upcountry Vintage today and couldn't be happier to share some of my favorite matsuri-inspired items to wrap up the end of the Japanese festival season!

Jess always finds the most divine vintage items to put in her shop (and really cute inspiration on her blog as well!) Go take a peek at my post on matsuri inspiration, and maybe snag some of these adorable vintage brass owls :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Term

Yoda + Moogle

I can't believe that I'm already finished with my first full week of classes. It's my last first day of the school year as an undergraduate! It's been relatively tough getting back into the swing of things; I don't typically have summers off -- I'm either taking classes full-time or running around other countries, so to have some time to wind down and take it easy has made it more difficult to transition into being the kind of academically organized that I need to be. And I'm getting there! My Filofax is out in full swing (and thank goodness, really, I'd be floating somewhere in outer space without it) and things are starting to fall into place.

But what I'm really excited about are my classes this term. Even the classes I wasn't all that excited for have proved, so far, to be pretty interesting.

Statistics - This one's my first online class, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes. I've got the crazed organization down pat, so I think I'll do just fine. I haven't taken a math class since freshman year, but graphs and charts I've got a fair handle on. Fingers crossed!
Junior Seminar ([Re]producing books in the post-mechanical world) - I was most looking forward to this class after having Professor Carr as a guest lecturer last year. Probably one of the most interesting classes I've taken; it focuses on the circulation of books in a digital age, often in other media forms, etc. Looking forward to see where this is headed...
Emergence of Modern America - I cannot stand American Literature. I don't know why, I just can't. But I think I've finally put my finger on it - the feeling behind it feels manufactured in comparison to the British literature I'm used to reading. The professor is hilarious though, and knows her stuff, so it'll be interesting to pick apart the emergence of American as a nation through literature.
Social Foundations of Education - My first taste of a class more rooted in the education department. Incredibly interesting topics regarding the interactions between the education system and the role it plays in society, as well as how they both influence one another. It's nice to be able to reflect back about my own time in the public school system, which is something I had many opinions about while I was in it, but not something I ever really looked back on and evaluated.
Educational Psychology - I was actually pretty nervous for this class. Due to a strange series of events, I ended up being able to take this graduate level course as an undergraduate as a pre-requisite for getting into grad school, so I'm in a class with a bunch of Masters candidates. Pretty nerve-wracking, but I think I can hold up just fine. I've had a little taste of the psychological process of learning from some of my linguistics classes, but this will be an in depth look at how kids learn and process information.

Pretty exciting stuff! -- professors are great, classes are great, and I'm one step closer to being done! Looks like it's going to be a good term :D

Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Days of Lists - Week 1

I can't believe it's September already -- time for 30 Days of Lists!!!! I've been so excited to start this month's project that August dragged on for what seemed like forever!

Day 1
List 1

Goals for this month:

Stay on top of my morning yoga // I was doing so well until I took a few days off to heal up from my final tattoo session. Now that school's started, I've been slacking at getting back in the swing of things, and I just feel so much better when I do it!
Pack lunch // Being on campus for one meal, let alone two, can get expensive, not to mention I end up feeling crappy once I eat fast food. Even just making a simple sandwich, some grapes, and pita chips would make me and my wallet feel so much better.
Blog at least 2x/week // I've been slipping lately, on account of getting adjusted to my new schedule with school and work. I need to sit down and find a time that works for me, and utilize the in between time that I can to craft some really great posts!
Take my camera with me! // I've gotten better at taking more pictures, but not so much on the go. There's tons of interesting subjects to photograph on campus, but I can't snap a picture if I don't have my camera with me! Part of it is not being comfortable carrying my camera and my backpack (too many things to keep track of ><;)
Use my Filofax and stay up on school projects // It's that time of year where I either need to be super organized or fail miserably at everything xD I've busted out the color coding and tabs for my Filofax and will be diligently on top of things this term!
Study for the JLPTs // I'm all registered and I go to Philly in December to get certified and scored in Japanese fluency. Now to study...
Don't over-stress myself! // Simple enough -- September and October are such busy times and I just need to start off on the right foot; not being stressed being an important foot, indeed.

Day 2
List 2

I am happiest when...
I have time to cook dinner and not run through the drive through // Eating out and not getting my fruits and veggies make my body spaz out. Plus, I love taking the time out to de-stress and just cook with the Boy. It's relaxing!
I can curl up with a good book // I love reading; another thing that helps me relax and just enjoy my day
Things are organized
I'm surrounded by people with whom I can be egoless // My friends are all so precious to me because they're the kind of people who can let go and just be themselves in whatever mood strikes. They're the kind of people who can appreciate silence just as much, and hanging out doesn't mean just filling the space with busy things to do. Love them!
The windows are open! // I love that having the windows down in the car, or being able to sleep with the windows open means instant comfort. Just opening a window can change my mood drastically.