Friday, January 28, 2011

link love

♥ The entire collection of Penguin Classics books is selling for $13,413.30 on Amazon! That's 1,082 titles and a book lovers dream.
♥ Hark, a Vagrant does Great Gatsby. And Stevie B! helps me seek out my witty, literary-based humor.
Visuwords is a graphical dictionary that creates a visual web of the relationships between words, their types of speech and all sorts of linguistic-y fun.
♥ Randi, Stevie B! and I were on a cat humor spree (don't ask) one day and Books of Adam's Poor Stupid Cat had us howling.
♥ On that note, This is Maru, or まるです of Japanese internet fame. It's half hilarious, half cute.
♥ Real Simple has a Dinner in 15 Minutes Flat generator. You just plug in the type of dish you're looking for, and another condition, such as easy, kid friendly, less than 5 ingredients, etc.. I clicked 'cheese' and 'surprise me'. I was rewarded with a bagel-face dinner.
♥ These Artist's Palette and Paintbrush Cookies look absolutely amazing!
♥ So explicitly detailed, I bet we all know these Five Emotions Invented by the Internet.
A vague and gnawing pang of anxiety centered around an IM window that has lulled. During this time an individual feels unsure whether they have offended the IM recipient, committed a breach of IM etiquette, or have otherwise spoilt the presentation of themselves carefully crafted thus far thanks to the miracles of the textual medium.
♥ I need this door in my life.
♥ The Carnegie and Milwaukee Art Museums are waging an art-loan bet on the Super Bowl.
♥ My favorite painting of James McNeill Whistler's - Nocturne in Black & Gold: The Falling Rocket

What fun links have you found this week?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee Break
♥ Setting up camp at the Starbucks in Shadyside has been my secret study-time hide-out for 6 hours of the day. It's much more quaint than its Oakland counterpart and the bathroom isn't on lock and key. I never realized how important that would be. And how much I love vanilla rooibos tea.

EDIT: I've just been informed that Starbucks in Oakland no longer has locked bathrooms. I now have no excuse. Touché.

♥ I have the most awesome English advisor in the world. He's a fellow samurai film enthusiast and likes Gogol Bordello. We're going to be best friends, I can tell. To elaborate, I really haven't had official advising in anything since freshman year. I'm a pretty organized person and I'm all about getting done with school so I've budgeted my time well, but it'll be nice to finally have some "insider" input on what this is like, how this class is, what this professor has planned, little ins and outs of the department and schools and, most importantly, someone awesome to talk to. Jeff thought the English department already had a folder for me; my name sounded familiar. It dawned on him halfway through our meeting where he had seen it: Facebook xD

♥ I've been cleaning out my computer and stumbled across what I assumed was a draft of my college application essay. Y'know, the ones they always have you write on diversity and whatnot? I took a look since it's been a while and I've been gearing up for writing another batch of such essays and no, it was no draft -- it was the actual essay. I completely forgot that mine was that creative writing-y. Like, I had an italicized sentence in there. But hey, it worked!

little loves
headbands ♥ Pumpkin Pasta ♥ the blazing fireplace at the coffee shop in the afternoons ♥ gemstone rings ♥ the weather has been nice enough lately to walk to Shadyside ♥ laughing about the pretentiousness of full on Roman columns on people's houses ♥ freshly fallen snow ♥ Dir en Grey's latest single, "Lotus" ♥

What are you loving this week?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Seijin no Hi

Today, or, well, yesterday in Japan seeing as they're the ones who actually celebrate it, is 成人の日(Seijin no Hi) - a coming-of-age day of sorts. On the second monday in January, ceremonies are held for those who have turned 20 in the past year (二十歳 is the age where you are legally considered an adult in Japan; you can smoke, buy alcohol, etc.) and girls dress up in kimono. I won't lie, I'm a lot jealous. Especially seeing as how this year I would've been celebrating my own 成人の日 as well!

You can see some gorgeous kimono here! They're so intricate to put on, even the yukata I got to wear to 港祭り over the summer was a 15-20 minute ordeal (mainly trying to keep me in and cylindrical looking since I'm not exactly, erm, Japanese shaped...).

A friend of mine is currently studying in Japan, and got to celebrate the holiday this year. If you're looking for another Japan blog to follow, ナナちゃん's is lovely!

Sadly, this is the closest I've gotten to wearing a kimono... (though, a yukata in summer was much welcome!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Photo by Megan Antal, back in high school; one of my favorites (the girl and the photo!)

It's finally back to class for me! I have to say, I did miss it and I've been anxious to start back about a week into break. I've got tons of literature classes lined up for this term, and though I only have my Wednesday and Thursday classes this week, I'm sure you'll all get a full report in a week or so.  I'll be doing my best to keep up with blog posts, probably a bit more day-to-day things once the semester gets rolling.

To everyone else going back to classes, good luck!

♥ Liz and I went to Dozen the other night and got cupcakes. The last 5 cupcakes to be precise (thank heavens for beating the girls behind us in the door ^^) . And cinnamon rolls. And coffee. And god I love that bakery. Read: With an 8 hour break between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'll be there a lot.

I made a cheesecake. I couldn't tell you what prompted it. Well, actually, I was going to make it for Christmas dinner. And then I realized I didn't have a pan. And then I tried to come up with a good reason to make a whole cheesecake from scratch. And so it turned into Liz's birthday present/dessert. With my first time making one, I didn't want to feed her poison, but I must say, the gingersnap crust was superb!

♥ It feels so good to be home in the Cathedral of Learning again after almost a year absence. Not to mention it's really Hogwarts in disguise.

Great Hall
See! See! It's the Great Hall! One day, we'll have an enchanted ceiling, I swear.

little loves
going back to class is such a relief; I feel so unproductive on break ♥ shopping sprees at Border's ♥ unexpected 50 degree days in January ♥ Lego Harry Potter (shh!) ♥ sharing embarrassing "Sir...I mean ma'am!" stories with the waiter ♥ belting Florence + the Machine during my morning commute ♥ the intriguing ad outside of the Carnegie featuring Yoda imposed on a man's body with The Shining-like twins alongside him - I must know what this is! ♥ Ick is coming to visit this month! ♥ these photos of North Korea are stunning and haunting ♥ stuffed shells and meatball dinners ♥

What are you loving lately?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Despite only being 18 degrees today, I'm still in the throes of my honeymoon phase with winter this year and I intend to milk it until the gross snow slush and mornings of scraping the snow off my car wear me down. Autumn takes the cake as my favorite season, but winter's continuation of hot mugs of cider and layers and layers of knits makes it a close second!

( source )

winter love
mugs of hot chocolate ♥ preposterous slipper socks ♥ fireplaces ♥ glittery ornaments ♥ white chocolate peppermint mochas ♥ Christmas shopping ♥ the first, sparkly snow ♥ big bowls of pasta ♥ toques  ♥ bunny earmuffs ♥ annual Nutcracker dates ♥ building igloos ♥ tacky Christmas light wonderlands ♥ snowball fights ♥ peppermint bark candy ♥ hats with ear flaps ♥ outdoor ice skating ♥ the Winter Classic ♥ wool stockings ♥ staying in bed all day ♥ fingerless mittens ♥ sleeping in hoodies ♥ reading in the bookstore ♥ christmas cookies ♥ music boxes ♥ boots ♥ snow-topped trees ♥ footprints in the snow ♥ watching the ball drop ♥ toasty, forest-scented candles ♥ beautiful coats ♥ board games and puzzles ♥ fukubukuro ♥ brunch dates