Monday, September 27, 2010

link love

In B Flat is just an awesome musical project. Who knew a collection of little clips of various instruments and sounds could sound so lovely just being in the same key!
♥ Improv Everywhere rocks the best improv gatherings. My favorites include the Star Wars subway car, a reenactment of Ghostbusters, I Love Lunch (the Musical), and recently, their Black Tie Beach affair! Who wants to picnic in old prom dresses by the ocean!?
♥ Sometimes video game dialogue is super-cheesy. Like back in the day with some old school Resident Evil. Milla Jovovich demonstrates xD
Does Language Shape How You Think? A really interesting piece on language and how different cultures perceive ideas and expressions differently based on what's stressed in that particular language.
♥ Ever wanted to know why the square button is always the menu? Playstation designer Teiyu Goto explains!
English50Cent tweets 50's tweets back in a more grammatically correct fashion.

What fun links have you found this week?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Battle for the Kingdom
lissyl )

♥ Part 1 is up on this amazing L4D comic that @sbaleno sent me. I've always preferred the first game to the sequel in terms of characters and this comic provides even more insight into the characters which I love and adore (okay, I'm partial to Francis; he reminds me of Jayne :D) leading up to the new release of "The Sacrifice". This week is the intro + Louis. By the looks of things, the next installments should feature little background stories on the rest of the characters!

♥ These highlighters are the best. things. ever. We actually had a small show and tell with them during class in Japan. Here's the kicker: they're erasable. Yes, erasable highlighters. And not the kind of erasable that American pens tell you and then proceed to simply rip your paper to shreds. These actually work. I have a few of my own but it's nice to know that Amazon carries them when I run out! I feel like these will run dry fast seeing as I've taken to highlighting the wrong thing just to wield my awesome eraser...

The Hunger Games is such an amazing series. I don't know why in particular they sucked me in so, but now I have the case of the "find me a book that can satisfy my just as well". I'm now craving something slightly urban fantasy with a post-apocalyptic vibe. I won't sum the story, you can find that at the link, but the characters are well crafted - Katniss is strong heroine but she does have her annoying points. The writing is powerful. I liked it! Definitely a good read --

little loves
vanilla rooibos tea ♥ Infamous Welsh Cookies! ♥ rumor has it Pittsburgh is getting a Razzy Fresh ♥ rainy days ♥ free shampoo samples from work ♥ hearty fall meals  ♥ lazy Wednesdays ♥ hilariously named 'Septic Tank' achievements ♥ new mugs ♥ taking inventory of my book collection ♥ Good Reads for doing just that ♥ realizing a good friend of yours is closer than you think ♥ sweaters ♥ Dior Show mascara

What are you loving?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Feta and Egg Breakfast Wrap

Feta has become my go-to food as of late. It's been tough commuting to campus and spending 5-8 hours there without splurging and spending money on terrible college food for sustenance. Greasy french fries at the O? Delish but will have you doubled over 15 minutes later. And a girl can't live on burritos alone. So I've turned to feta to whip up a fantastically refreshing and tangy wrap of my own!

I've been making this for breakfast an awful lot lately, actually, substituting the turkey for a semi-scrambled egg and the dressing for ketchup.

Feta and Egg Breakfast Wrap
1 wheat tortilla wrap

deli turkey
1 egg
feta cheese
Sun-dried Tomato Vinaigrette dressing (or ketchup, if you're into that sort of thing)

Simply layer your turkey (or egg), spices, cheese and dressing/ketcup on a layer of spinach over your wheat tortilla. It's quick and tasty :D Which is what I live for when I'm too lazy to put effort into actually making my food. 

I'd be remiss to not include a little insight into my class schedule since that's all I do these days:

East Asian Civilization to 1800 (but really to 1600) is a nice reminder of just how much I've missed history classes since high school. History has always been a nice little mix of facts and filling in the blanks with your own speculation. I don't know how I've been a Japanese major for so long without some of this basic sociocultural background. Plus, it's my last gen ed.!

My Java Programming class is beyond excellent. Programming is just another language for me and I must say, I'm not sure how many people approach programming from that angle. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for math and all that jazz, my knack for languages seems to have rubbed off here. It's incredibly rewarding being able to take all that stored up creativity and design and integrate it into something logical and practical. Science and computers are so very exciting. !!!!

East Asian Buddhism is truly enlightening (har, har). I honestly feel that we don't put forth enough thought and exploration into other religions and what, in turn, makes a religion successful. Seeing a non-Western religion from an analytical standpoint leads to a complete reevaluation of ideas on the subject. And now I feel guilty for complaining about my foot falling asleep when aspiring monastic inductees lay in the same position for 5 days.

And finally there's Calculus every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Let me put this into perspective: I never liked math. I stopped at Trig/Pre-calc 3 years ago. Three years ago. I haven't done so much as look at numbers short of figuring out a tip at the restaurant. This class is...interesting, but I just need to keep on truckin' through it.

What classes are you taking? Tips for surviving calculus, pretty please?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

I'm sure some of you are already avid followers of Gala Darling and so this feature is nothing new to you. But for those who aren't too familiar with Things I Like Thursdays, here is where I too have put aside my alloted time to reflect on the week and those things I am most grateful for and excited about! It's even been proven that setting aside just one day a week to jot down what you've come to appreciate can increase your happiness levels (check out "The How of Happiness" by Sonja Lyubomirsky to find out how else you can become even happier!) and just generally lift your spirits. And why not share those little thanks with everyone? :D

♥ Finally got the bike rack on the car and went to get me a bicycle finally! It's been years since I've owned a bike and I've been recently missing the spontaneous and scenic 12-mile bike rides I've been dragged on with friends. I found a bike I liked before I left for the summer, which was quite a feat seeing how I'm so short I'm normally doomed to pink tassled little girls' bikes (my feet can't reach the ground on anything above 24"!)

♥ My new Filofax is amazing. After reading Gala Darling's review and hearing tons of good things from friends I caved and bought one of my own. It was just the pop of color and mass, changeable organization that I needed to get me motivated for the new school year. I remember boycotting my free planner in middle school because it was the "cool thing to do" but now I'd be a wreck without one! More on that later in the week :)

♥ Friendly people in Pittsburgh always remind me why I love my city. On the bus ride home today, as I was reading an essay on Buddhism for my religious studies class, the man behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said "I couldn't help but notice you're reading a paper on Buddhism and I just wanted to let you know that Snow Lion Imports on Craig Street is run by a Tibetan woman and she hosts a Tibetan meditation on Saturday mornings. Her brother's a Sherpa; they're a really interesting family. I have the shop's phone number if you're interested." Pittsburghers. Are. So. Nice. I'm so proud to live in such a helpful and genuinely friendly city.

little loves
the LOST box set ♥ butternut squash ♥ stickers (especially the wacky Japanese ones!) ♥ the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte - fall is officially here! ♥ hand driers that make ripples on your skin ♥ stopping in the pet store and finding adorable kittens playing ♥ toy store crashing ♥ Boba Fett lunch boxes ♥ burritos ♥ shiny, new Benedum Hall (and having most of my classes there this term!)

What are you loving lately?