Writing Coaching


You’ve been staring at that blinking cursor for hours, wondering why the ideas can’t just jump from your brain to the blank Word document before you. (How cool would that be!?) Writer’s block has struck again and frustration is setting in. Talking out your ideas would fix so much and yet you can’t count on your family to give you honest feedback, and venting your frustrations to your cat isn’t giving you much to work with.

You need someone to bounce ideas off of (yeah, I just ended a sentence in a preposition — that’s just one of the things we’ll cover!). Someone to give you an honest critique of your work and suggestions for improvement. You need someone to help hold you accountable.

You need a writing coach.

How do I know if a writing coach is write (ha!) for me?

  • You are a diligent writer and can commit to writing regularly (I can’t make you sit down and write)
  • You need a nudge in the right direction; the right direction being the one where you are on track with your writing and goals
  • You value honest professional feedback to help refine your writing and produce strong content
  • You are committed to realizing your writing project and having a finished manuscript to be proud of

Here’s what you get:

  • Review of current drafts, notes, and materials
  • A 1-hour private Skype chat to discuss your current project, strengths, frustrations, writing goals and next steps, and any questions you might have
  • Targeted notes about your current project including engaging moments and strengths, and areas on which to focus and improve
  • A personalized plan to enact discussed next steps and help you reach your goal

If you would like to continue with me as your writing coach, we will create a custom schedule that works best for the level of guidance and accountability you need to make steady progress with your writing project and goal.

Ready to move your project forward?