4 Comic Books For Girls Who Don’t Read Comics

Today’s post is brought to you by the ultra-talented cosplayer and all-around lovely (and geeky) lady, Mia Moore.

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For years, I wanted to get into comic books, but I didn’t know where to begin. With alternate timelines, deaths and rebirths, reboots and crossovers, comic books can be a confusing hobby, especially for newbies.

Once I jumped in, I found out comics are one of my favorite storytelling mediums! Here are a few of my current favorite titles — that don’t need any research or backstory — to get you started in the beautiful world of comics.

Note: I am a fan of badass ladies, and my selection definitely reflects that. Your mileage may vary!


I was devastated when the New 52 happened. It was right after I started keeping up with comics regularly, so the complete reboot of everything in the DC universe was personally heartbreaking. I mourned the loss of Power Girl and Stephanie Brown, the Batgirl incarnation at the time. But when I heard Gail Simone was the writer for the new storyline, I gave it another chance, and I am so glad I did!

I love the Bat family, but Batman is way too moody for me sometimes. On the other hand, Barbara is funny and lovable. If you want to get into superhero comics without the multiple timelines, Batgirl’s story is the perfect way.

Buy Batgirl: Volume 1Volume 2,  Volume 3Volume 4Volume 5

Ms. Marvel

The new Ms. Marvel run is amazing for several reasons. It’s a complete reboot, meaning you don’t need to know a thing about the universe to get started, and it’s the first comic to star a Muslim-American character. The story follows Kamala Khan as she struggles to navigate her new-found powers as Ms. Marvel and the difficulties of being a Muslim-American teenager. It deals a lot with self-acceptance, and I am a sucker for coming-of-age stories. This book is also lighter than Batgirl, so if you are looking a superhero story that’s a little fluffier, this is a great fit.

Ms. Marvel has been consistently popular — selling out multiple issues — and is one of my all-time favorite superhero stories so far. I highly recommend it.

Buy Ms. Marvel: Volume 1Volume 2


Lumberjanes is an all-ages comic (in stark contrast to Rat Queens, below!) Lumberjanes takes place at a summer camp for girls and the main theme of the comic is fun adventures and friendship. Each issue features a villain of the week-type adventure and a “mix tape” playlist to go along with the story.

It’s published by Boom!, so if you like other Boom! titles like Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, you will love Lumberjanes.

Buy Lumberjanes: Volume 1

Rat Queens

Image comics is doing amazing things in the comics world. If traditional superhero comics aren’t your thing, Image is the publisher you’ll want to look into. Rat Queens follows a highly inappropriate and hilarious girl gang. This comic is rated R — if you don’t like drunken brawls, drug references, and a little gore, it’s probably not for you. All four leading ladies are unique in personality and appearance, which is a huge relief from an industry that tends to have very similar female characters.

If you want to see some badass ladies kicking ass in a fantasy setting, Rat Queens is a great pick.

Buy Rat Queens: Volume 1Volume 2 

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  • http://www.wearpinkwednesdays.com ♡ Kristin ♡

    I love all of your choices! I wasn’t super into Gail Simone’s Batgirl but I am LOVING the current Babs Tarr / Cam Stewart run. And Lumberjanes! I read through the first trade so quickly and I can’t wait to find out what’s next!

    • / Kristin

      As much as I like the art for the new Tarr/Stewart Batgirl, I actually like Simone’s overall run better (so far at least). They almost feel like two totally different superheroes to my brain! And the Lumberjanes movie!? What do you think of that news!?

      • http://www.wearpinkwednesdays.com ♡ Kristin ♡

        I know, right?! I am SO ALL CAPS EXCITED for the Lumberjanes movie!

  • Mia Moore

    So happy to guest post for you! <3 This was so much fun to put together!

    • / Kristin

      I love collaborating with you! (seriously, we need to do more of it! :D)

  • http://clutterboxblog.com/ Angela Tolsma

    I will one day ready Ms. Marvel!!

  • http://sarastrauss.blogspot.com/ Sara Strauss

    I’ve been wanting to read all of these!! I need to get my hands on these!

  • http://asongforthebirds.blogspot.com sarah e

    Great suggestions! Someone recommended the Fables series to me a while back. It looked really interesting but I’ve found that I have a hard time following the graphic format. The exclamatory bubbles or high-action frames distract me and I end up scanning the page in a really inconsistent way. Fingers crossed for future attempts though!

    • / Kristin

      It’s tough until you get used to it (I did a post on following graphic novel format a while back, hopefully it helps some!: /2014/05/why-its-hard-to-read-graphic-novels) but usually left to right, top to bottom still holds. When panels and bubbles blur into another, that’s usually the direction you head next. I’ve heard good things about Fables myself, let us know if you give it a try!

  • http://bookwormsindresses.blogspot.com/ Jess Fets

    I’ve never heard of Rat Queens before, I’ll HAVE to check that out! I just picked up Ms Marvel and I’ve been following Lumberjanes forever! I might have to check out Batgirl too, once I read Ms Marvel!

    • / Kristin

      Batgirl Batgirl Batgirl 😀

  • Charlotte Roberts

    I have just started to get into comics myself and I started with Ms Marvel and I’m totally addicted! Just started Rat Queens and loving them too. So I think I’ll check out Lumber Janes and Batgirl next! Great post x

    • / Kristin

      Hope you enjoy them!

  • http://oh-my-books.blogspot.com/ Gaby

    Thank you for these recommendations!! I’ve read a few comics but I wanted to start in this superheroes comics and didn’t know where to. Ms. Marvel sounds amazing!

    • / Kristin

      I hope you enjoy them!