Smitten: Welcome to Night Vale

wtnv, welcome to night vale


wtnv, welcome to night vale

“If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…you should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

Welcome to Night Vale.” — ep. 58 | Monolith

Welcome to Night Vale is pretty well-known these days, but in case you’ve been living in The Forbidden Dog Park and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me fill you in. Welcome to Night Vale is a bi-weekly podcast delivered via fictitious radio host Cecil Baldwin. One part Orwellian and one part Lovecraftian, the town is never without a dull event for Cecil to report, the likes of which include mission updates from 13-year old resistance leader and destroyer of librarians, Tamika Flynn, to the musical Weather.

Why the obsession with Night Vale lately? Other than the fact that it’s delightfully weird and amazing, the Night Vale live show is coming to Pittsburgh this week, and I have every intention of going. Intention meaning that I bought my ticket and am eagerly awaiting the day. (Also, I’m eagerly awaiting being able to add another mug to my Morally Ambiguous Corporation mug collection.)

If you’ve never listened to Night Vale before, or find that you’ve put it aside, maybe this will be the motivation you need to dust it off of your metaphorical podcast shelf and give it a listen. Who knows, today just might be the day you need that List…

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  • Kay

    I’ve had this on my podcast list for awhile now, and I think I’m going to start it tomorrow as I have the whole day to myself. I’m still rather tragically behind on all things podcast…but I’m working on it haha!

    • You definitely should! The first few episodes are fun, but a bit slow-going as far as the “story” is concerned. But when it does pick up, man, does it get good!

  • Sonya

    Oh, Night Vale is just a treasure. And the live shows are great! I went to one last year, I think it was, and it was so much fun. You’re gonna have a blast.

    • Glad to hear it! Not that I thought a live show would be any less awesome than I’m led to believe, but it’s nice to get first-hand input 🙂 Thanks!

  • I just started listening to it two weeks ago! I’ve been listening to the early episodes during my commute home from work and I love it! I heard there’s a book coming out in the fall! Have fun at the live show! You’ll have to tell me all about it when I see you! 🙂

    • Thanks! Will do 🙂 The book should be a blast, but a non-radio format still has me intrigued.

  • It’s so good, and is the perfect road trip podcast. We listened to like 30 episodes when we went home to visit family in December. Since we don’t typically listen to podcasts unless we’re in the car, and we tend to take public transportation or walk most places locally, we’re still not quite caught up but we’re getting there!

    • Hahaha, awesome! It’s amazing how many episodes you can get lost in! Podcasts + driving = the best thing ever.

  • i started Nightvale a long time ago, but totally fell off the wagon and haven’t listed to it in over a year! I’m sure I’m super far behind now! When I started listening to it, there were only 20 podcast episodes out!

    • I had some major catching up to do too, but somewhere around episode 20-ish, actually, I think the story really clicked for me and the obsession started!

  • I love Nightvale. I don’t like the unconventional episodes, but I really love the storyline!