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Keeping things simple around here this week…

Sarah Dessen on dating an older guy, a read that is unsettling, honest, and all too familiar to many
21 Smells All Art Students Will Remember
♥ The greatest mugs for grammar nerds!
♥ Just recently, we got a look at the new Suicide Squad movie’s Joker, but here’s a complete history of the Joker’s many incarnations in case you need a refresher
Suddenly, Every Movie Romance Involves First-Edition Books and It’s Getting Kind of Weird
♥ Star Wars – check. Books – check. Here are some must-read Star Wars books if you’re looking to hold yourself over until December
What if printed books went by ebook rules?

What fun links have you found this week?

  • Kay

    Love the art smells – so true!! Brought me right back to college haha. And many I still get day to day at my house! 😀

    • I’m so jealous! I’m making it a point to bust out some paints this summer myself 🙂

  • I saw those mugs and I figuratively died. LOL!!!

    Dara | Hola Darla | @DarlaOct

    • Hahaha, the proper kind of literary death 🙂

  • Loved that Seventeen article. It’s a teen mag, right? I wish there were things as deep and interesting as that in teen mags when I was that age. I also loved that last link about Kindles and books. It’s pretty scary to think of what we’re agreeing to without knowing.

    • It is! I’m impressed that they published something substantial, too. Long ago as it was, from what I remember of teen magazines was lots of fluff, fashion, and boy band posters, so it’s a nice change.