Smitten: DC Comics Deck-building Game

DC Comics Deck-Building Game


DC Comics Deck-Building GameDC Comics Deck-Building Game

There’s something about knowing that Friday night is game night that makes the start of the weekend even better. Ever since Sarah and Victoria moved back from California, we’ve spent our Friday nights huddled around the fireplace (though, hopefully that will change soon), eating copious amounts of chips and onion dip, debating our favorite Girl Scout cookies, and just generally shouting at one another while playing our newest obsession: the DC deck-building card game.

Many of you have spotted my Instagram posts of my hands from time-to-time, and asked, “Ooh, what is that you’re playing?” — only the most addictive and ruthlessly competitive game ever!

Well, maybe not the most ruthless. I’m pretty sure Phase 10 wins that one.

There are countless expansions to the main DC card game, including a Teen Titans deck and villain-themed release called Forever Evil, but the basic premise of the game is as follows:

  • You play as a superhero (or villain), who each has an individualized special ability (draw an extra card, gain an extra victory point if you attack, etc.)
  • Each player begins with a basic “starter” deck of cards that consists of some attacks (punches) and vulnerabilities
  • With each hand you draw, you “buy” cards from the main lineup to make your deck even more awesome, with various attacks, superpowers, and special abilities
  • Your goal is to defeat the super-villain on top of the deck and accumulate points; whoever has the most points wins the game

It looks intimidating at first, but after you play a round (we’ve had games go for three hours before!) it’s easy to get the hang of. The game itself is half luck of the draw and what others get in their hands, as well as your personal strategy for crafting your deck. Certain heroes cater to certain types of decks, and some cards pair nicely with others to create insane combos. Plus: superheroes. Duh.

I think I can safely say that Fridays are one of my favorite nights of the week now — relaxing and fun!

What are your favorite board/tabletop games to play?

  • Kay

    Ah, this looks fun! Deck building games are one of my favorite varieties…we’ve been playing Legendary a lot lately, which is the Marvel deck building game! We need to snag some expansions though. I’d like to try this one – it definitely look like it has a very different feel from Legendary.

    • Ooh, we may have to take a look at that one 😀

  • Looks fun! We love games in our home and Dutch Blitz is one of our favorites. It’s a local Amish card game but it’s very fast-paced and a blast with friends!

    • I’ll have to see what I can find out about that one – it sounds fun!