Smitten: Daredevil


Superhero-centric television shows are all the rage these days, which makes watching television significantly more entertaining for me. I’m much more of a DC girl than a follower of Marvel, at least when it comes to the comics themselves (I’m working on branching out!), but Marvel is kicking major butt with their television lineup.

So naturally, last Friday, when Daredevil premiered on Netflix, I set time aside in my weekend schedule to marathon as much of it as I could.

I’m only a little over halfway through at the moment, but the show itself is so well done. I can’t speak to how closely it mirrors the comics, but it’s equal parts dark drama, and sentiment-infused moments and relationships. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s on Netflix and not your typical cable show, but it feels as if Daredevil was done right. Enough time to develop characters, to establish suspense. Great pacing. The cinematography, too, is well-matched with the characterization of blind lawyer/vigilante, Matthew Murdock. Not to mention, Fulton from The Mighty Ducks plays Murdoch’s best friend/law partner. I needn’t say more.

If you’re looking for a new series to start, or have a weekend you plan to fill with a Netflix-marathon, Daredevil might be your answer.

Have you started watching the series? What do you think?

  • I was actually wondering about this show! My husband and I finished Agents of Shield a while back were looking for a new series to watch. I got the email about this one being available and was thinking about giving it a shot. I will definitely check it out now!

    • It’s so worth it! I hope you guys enjoy it!

  • Kay

    My hubs and I have yet to start watching but all we’re hearing are good things!! Definitely excited to sit down and watch it.

    • It’s so worth the hype 🙂

  • I watched the whole thing this weekend and LOVED it! I agree, it’s very well-done: It’s thrilling, I really started to love the characters (or love to hate them), and the fight scenes are so bad ass! The show was so good that I had to keep watching!

    • I had to put my watching on pause to get through work this week, but I’m so excited to jump back in! It’s all just so good!

  • A little too dark for me – I just watched the pilot. My husband, however, is totally hooked!

    • It is on the darker side, but I like what they’ve done with it. My Batman-loving self approves 🙂 Glad your husband likes it, though!