Link Love



♥ Poetry is one of my favorite things, yet I had never heard of Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska until one of the latest Brain Pickings’ newsletters. Her poem “Possibilities”, as read here by Amanda Palmer, is an easy favorite to welcome in spring.
The problem with social media as an introvert. I haven’t experienced this, but after reading Quiet last month in the #NovelTeaBookClub it has a welcome place in this week’s links
Famous artists + their cats
♥ The results of BookRiot’s 2014 reading survey sheds light on bookish habits
*Nsync lyrics by Shakespeare are all thou ever wanted
♥ To commemorate my catching up to season 3 of House of Cards, this felt appropriate: The Presidents of the United States In Order of Hotness
♥ The myth of the dream job
♥ Let me just ready my…bunker?
William Faulkner resigns from his job with the most amazing letter of all time
♥ A brief history of Toshiro Mifune, who would’ve been 95 years old this April

What fun links have you found this week?

  • Kay

    I’ve never struggled with social media as an introvert either, mainly because I use it how I want to. There really isn’t a massive attachment to it (other than my blog, which is kind of like my baby haha). Facebook is mainly for keeping in touch with family, I’m a disaster at consistently using Twitter, and I find Instagram the most fun because I love sharing and looking at photos! I think putting zero pressure on myself to use any of them definitely keeps them from becoming overwhelming.
    I feel like Dali’s cat is so appropriate. Love it.
    Also, if I were rich, I would totally get one of those bunkers. 😀

    • Yeah, it seems like the social media thing just depends on how you use and view it. It’s never been a stressor for me, because I use it how I want to and I know that it’s not always perfect. I’ve had friends though who, for instance, one always had to get to the last unseen post they viewed on tumblr or Twitter, and I can’t even fathom that. Then I’d be stressed!

  • That N’Sync link…
    I just…I died. That is amazing!