Smitten: Instagram Challenges

SmittenInstagram photo challengesA few months back, the laughs from my blog friends about the absurd amount of Instagram challenges I was participating in were audible (Sonya, thank you for calling me out on my obsession!) Laughs of love, of course. Because let’s be honest – I was partaking in a ton of Instagram photo challenges. Why shouldn’t I take a photo every single day? For seventeen different challenges.

From the ever-popular fatmumslim Photo a Day (#fmsphotoaday) to Forever Young Adult’s book themed photo hunt, I was hooked. I still am hooked, in fact, though I’ve made it a point to tone things down and take an Instagram photo challenge break.

That was until I heard that my dear friend Alexis over at Strange and Charmed was hosting a photo challenge in the month of March. It’s been ages since I’ve participated in one, and her productivity-inspired photo challenge is right up my alley. While I do enjoy the general prompts of #fmsphotoaday, I prefer the themed ones; it’s nice to find a challenge that’s geared to your interests (hello-o #booksandcupcakes monthly book-themed challenge!). I find that a relatable theme that you’re passionate about makes taking the actual pictures less stressful and more manageable, which is always a good thing.

CharmedGTD fmsphotoaday week 9
Instagram challenges were first just something fun to do, but somewhere along the line they became more than that. They became a way for me to not lose touch with the digital community, and commit to the small goal of taking one photo, every day. No more whining, “I’m too busy” – I simply did it. Because really, in the grand scheme of things, one photo takes under two minutes to take, edit, and share.

So this month I’m getting back in the photo challenge saddle. No more “I’m too busy” excuses. Brace yourself, Instagrammers! It won’t be the barrages of old, but you will be seeing a lot more photos from me!

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What are some of your favorite photo challenges?

  • I’ve just finished the #feb15bookchallenge (, so I’m kinda exhausted! Unfortunately I couldn’t snap a photo every day since my book collection isn’t so big, but I enjoyed it. I’m currently set the notifications of the Little Moments App ON to receive a prompt every day for the #fmsphotoaday, but you’re right, they’re so random that I don’t actually enjoy them.

    • Some FMS prompts I enjoy more than others, or feel like I’ve just got better ideas for, but the themed ones are a nice way for me to focus myself and my life, too. I’m going to have to check out this book photo challenge you posted! Fingers crossed there’s a March, cause it looks wonderful 🙂

  • Angela Tolsma

    Oh since FMS went weekly I have been struggling to participate, so I am so excited to discover more photo challenges out there!!

    • The weekly is hard to keep up with, I agree. But I think it’ll help us to expand our horizons 🙂

      • that’s a very good point! Now if only I could get organized!! I enjoy it allot more on Instagram so that should help!

  • I can’t wait to follow along! I notice I post in waves – some weeks I’m all about Instagram and other weeks, I’ll take pictures to post later and I never do. I used to do the #fmsphotoaday and that was a great way to document what happened that day, like the Currently list in photographic form!

    • I do enjoy currently lists from RuKristin, but that’s another story, haha. Waves! Yes! I feel bad when I slack, because when I do post, I feel like I flood Instagram with photo challenge stuff.

  • I just did the #fmsphotoaday challenge in February, which was fun because I hadn’t done it in a few months. I’m taking a break this month, but in April I am definitely doing Strange and Charmed’s one!!

    • I think Alexis is nailing the photo challenge this month, and I can’t wait to see where else she takes it 🙂

  • I know I’m a little late to the party but I’m glad I came across this! I love photo challenges so finding new ones is always exciting!

  • I enjoy the photos others post but haven’t done an actual challenge except when tagged and told too. I like the theme use though. I may have to join the fun!

    • ruKristin’s #Thursday3 is a fun tag challenge that’s fun and doesn’t require hunting down and remembering to take a bunch of pictures. It’s nice that there are so many challenge options out there! Hope you find one you enjoy 🙂

      • I just followed her in IG & looked up the deets for #Thursday3. That looks like a lot of fun and not overwhelming. Thanks for the suggestion!