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I’m at the point in the year where I throw my hands up in the air a lot and run around remarking how it ought to be spring. I caught a glimpse of some grass the other day — dead, brown grass, mind you — and was so excited to see it! It then promptly got covered up by a semi-surprise snowstorm. C’est le vie, I guess. Still doesn’t make me like March any more.

Is it spring yet?

Biography of Alexander Hamilton turned hip-hop musical. Where do I buy tickets?
♥ When I heard over dinner that Harrison Ford was in a plane crash, I had a moment of panic. Luckily, he’s doing just fine, but in order to celebrate one of my favorite people, Le Fancy Geek’s Indiana Jones casual cosplay seemed appropriate.
♥ Linguistics is near and dear, and always fascinating. Add in a dash of House of Cards and you get a quick primer on the southern dialect: The Linguistics Behind Kevin Spacey’s Accent in House of Cards
The Best Feminist Books For Young Readers (I haven’t read all of these, but I’m excited to check them out!)
♥ I love seeing other people’s morning routines
Actual boyfriends try on boyfriend jeans (Thanks, Mandy!). It’s all about the pockets.
♥ If you’re as excited as I am for Avengers: Age of Ultron, don’t pass up some behind-the-scenes footage!

What fun links have you found this week?

  • Kay

    Um, I am adoring Morning Routines. Can’t wait to browse through more! After I soak in all the Age of Ultron goodness. I am SO EXCITED for this movie!!
    Spring is coming here too – I can see actual pavement in a section of my driveway instead of snow and ice!!! Supposed to be in the forties next week up here, and I’m already so excited about the melting.

    • 40s seem heavenly! It was about that yesterday and everyone was enjoying being sans coat 🙂

  • I love that link about Kevin Spacey’s “Southern accent” – one of my favorite English TA’s from college who writes for Al Jazeera actually shared it on Facebook this past week. I totally do the sliding “I,” and it’s even worse when I sing – I can make an Adele song a country song with no effort.

    • That’s awesome! The linguistic breakdowns of how and why accents sound the way they do is just so fascinating!

  • I’m so excited for Age of Ultron! After seeing Howard Stark’s inventions messed everything up in Agent Carter, I’d love to see his son’s inventions turn the world upside down, too.

    Love, Dara

  • Another goldmine of links. Boyfriends trying on boyfriend jeans. My day is complete.