Link Love



♥ The big news around the Internet this week is that Harper Lee is writing a To Kill a Mockingbird sequel! I’ve got mixed feelings myself, but my current reaction is this: just please don’t ruin Atticus.
♥ These chocolates are designed to represent onomatopoeia for Japanese textures
An Analysis in Grief: 10 Harry Potter Deaths We Did Not Get Over
What will an American accent sound like in 100 years?
♥ You are beautiful, you are amazing, and you deserve to have photos of yourself! Challenge your self(ie) with the #Thursday3
10 Awesome Tweets by Authors
♥ Not sure if hot yoga is for you? Campfire Chic has hot yoga tips from a beginner‘s standpoint
JPEGs vs. PNGs: How and when to use each
♥ A guessing game: Edgar Allan Poe quote or Goth song lyrics? I either really know my Poe, or really know my Goth music.
♥ Not only are these women awesome, but this post won the Internet for me this week.
J.K. Rowling answers some of your burning Harry Potter questions…
♥ The Art of the Brick exhibition at the Franklin Institute is the world’s largest display of LEGO art and it is glorious.

What fun links have you found lately?


  • I love all Bikram Yoga posts! I wrote one years ago on how to cope – I can’t believe how long ago I wrote that…

    I saw Art of the Brick in New York last year, it was SOOOOO good.

    • Awesome post! I wish I would’ve known some of that stuff before I went to my first class (water = good, until it, yes, starts sloshing, haha)

  • Missssed you! I have a new blog, SLC Trash!!! <3 Those chocolates are wicked. You know me and Japanese stuff. (Though that link doesn't work, just so you know!)

    • Ahh! I hadn’t realized you moved! The new site looks really great! (and linked fixed! Thanks for the heads up!)

  • Kay

    Best response to harassment ever! And definitely got the feels in reading about all the HP deaths. I’m STILL not over Fred.

    • I will never be over Fred!

  • Angela Wiebe

    love the slow mo video!

  • I loved JK Rowling’s tweets!

  • My husband shared this video with me the other day, and I thought of you and knew I had to come share it with you! It combines 2 of your faves: hockey and HP.