Smitten: Graze

graze snack box

Smittengraze snack box
I one day found myself mindlessly staring at a row of crackers in the grocery store. For twenty minutes I stood in the aisle, having an internal breakdown about whether or not I wanted sour cream & onion snack crisps, or garden veggie. And then, whether I wanted this brand of garden veggie, or that brand of garden veggie. I ended up getting so frustrated over crackers that I started laughing maniacally and walked away without any crackers whatsoever.

Lucky for me, however; my friend Melissa had timed her tweet about subscription snack box service, Graze, just right. I clicked the link, and immediately started drooling over delicious-sounding goodies like olive and rosemary bruschetta, walnut and vanilla truffle, and summer berry flapjacks. Good heaven, did those choices already beat the endless aisle of sour cream and onion crackers. I’ve been a happy snacker ever since, getting a Graze box delivered in the mail each week, and packing my lunch giddily.

What’s even better is that you can choose your snack options based not just on tastes and flavors, but by dietary preferences too. Gluten-free, nut-free, microwave-free (okay, so not a dietary preference, but if you don’t have a microwave at work you probably should check ‘no’ on the popcorn, delicious as it is) — there’s a pretty varied selection of snacks. Plus, having proportioned, healthy snacks means that my trainer won’t yell at me when I go to the gym.

If you want to try your own Graze box, you can get your first (and fifth!) box free with the code KMP77YGKP (which, yes, also feeds me more delicious snacks in turn), and you can schedule deliveries to your liking. If it’s not your thing you can quit at any time, but I have to say, I’m totally hooked. I actually start jealously eyeing up my mother’s snacks when I’ve eaten all of mine…

How do you snack healthy?

  • Allison Poorman

    stay away from my Graze snacks!

  • Kay

    Love Graze as well! We initially got it for my hubs so he could have more varied healthy snacks for work (seriously, the cracker aisle struggle is real) and I ended up needing some too. So. Good!

    • The cracker aisle is one of the circles of Hell.

  • My brother got a Graze box to try it out and it was great! I’m considering getting it so that I eat more healthy snacks!

    • Steal some from him; it’s totally worth it.

  • omg i heart graze. i get a new box every monday for my elevenses. 😀