Link Love



Short and sweet this week!

The stunning matte paintings of Star Wars
Miss Canada had the best National Costume ever. Note: the scoreboard is not hanging from the ceiling/part of the background.
♥ Need a dose of happy? 13 Smooshy Cats on Glass. You’re welcome.
♥ I don’t think my life will be complete until I have this Nessie soup ladle in it.
In Praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger Series
Why do paper cuts hurt so much?
♥ Ever wonder how to properly credit photos for use on your blog? Kyla Roma’s got a simple formula.
Why are some croissants straight and others curved? Baking science!

Find any fun links this week?

  • haha, Miss Canada’s costume was spot-on, wasn’t it?
    And wow, the paper cut video was really interesting.
    Thank you for including a link encouraging people to post image credits – it drives me crazy when they don’t!
    Happy Sunday 🙂

    • Not crediting photos (even a “I don’t know where this photo came from; if it’s yours, speak up!) kills me! Crediting goes such a long way, and if there’s one thing I hate, it’s plagiarism/stealing other people’s ideas/hard work in general.

  • Kay

    That Nessie ladle is just fantastic. And yes, crediting photos is so important!

  • Joanne hunh? Where have I been. Thank you for giving me another series to add to my reading wish list.

  • Those paintings are insane! NESSIEEEE. Who doesn’t need a Nessie soup ladle?!

  • Kristin love your Aperture mug 🙂
    Thanks for that link to Kyla Roma’s site. Just subscribed. Looks like a great resource!

    • She’s got some GREAT articles both on her site and through her newsletter. One of my favorite blog ladies, easily 🙂

  • Those matte paintings! *heart eyes*

    And I’m always in awe of the Miss Universe costumes.

    • The matte paintings are just so UNREAL! <3