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As I’ve been prepping the blog for the big relaunch, I’ve been going back through older posts and doing some pruning. Honestly, there were just a number of posts that were lacking in content, rather more along the lines of a LiveJournal emotion-dump, and that’s not something you guys really want to read! What I did do, however, during the pruning process, was pull some of my favorite links from old Link Love posts, which I’ll be sprinkling throughout my Sunday roundups over the next few weeks. Enjoy!

How to pay off your soul-crushing debt (a lot) faster
In Defense of Readers — If you read one thing today, let it be this!
#LetMeLibrarianThatForYou confirms that librarians fielded the weirdest questions pre-Google
♥ I would love to go skating at one of these pop-up ice skating rinks throughout the world
12 Things You Were Not Taught In School About Creative Thinking
♥ Game of Thrones meets Edward Gorey in these adorably macabre ABCs of death
♥ Even though #HPDec wrapped up last month, I’m still working my way through the last few books. And besides, that won’t stop me from posting this stunning Deathly Hallows dinner party (drool!)
The art of kimono dyeing
♥ Here’s what happened when one woman lived according to Pinterest for a week
♥ Why climb a regular climbing wall when you could climb this Alice In Wonderland climbing wall!?
♥ 18 Things You Might Not Know About Frasier (which I’ve been netflix-marathoning lately)
♥ A tool to find that word that’s on the tip of your tongue
Comics 201: Why Continuity Does or Doesn’t Matter
♥ The three-act model of narrative structure, and how video games are breaking the mold
♥ The 1936 Boston Bruins, Being Ridiculously Dapper
The blog of “unnecessary” quotation marks is a gem

What fun links have you found lately?

  • Can i just say that I love the new look around here and I enjoy your Youtube videos too. You have a lovely voice! A Harry Potter dinner party sounds fab.

    • Why thank you! It seems like everyone always despises the sound of their own voice (I know hearing myself on the phone always makes me cringe, like “Who is that speaking!? It sounds nothing like me!”)

  • That unnecessary quotation marks one is “amazing”!! My favourite thing all week!

    • I find myself overusing air-quotes and sarcastic quotation marks, but that was just the icing on the cake xD

  • (So glad you put back Disqus comments! LOL)

    Nice links. Also, that “unnecessary” quotation marks blog reminded me 😀

    • Disqus was just the way to go 🙂

      Ahhh! Vandaleyes! Why have I never seen that before; it’s great!

  • Allison Poorman

    loved the deathly hallows dinner party!

  • You always post the BEST links!! I love the one about creative thinking! That Deathly Hallows party is fantastic!!!

  • We have a pop up skating rink right outside my city that only comes during the winter holidays and its so fun. They also have a Polar Express exhibit with a train as well as a walk thru Christian based story of Christmas. My family always makes it a priority and we go at least twice a year.


    • That sounds like so much fun! I love when cities do pop-up holiday/seasonal things — it always seems to make the season that much more special!

  • Kay

    The blog with unnecessary quotes makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time! Love it.

  • The unnecessary quotes and the Pinterest for a week – ahhh….