Yoga (and brunch) in the ‘Burgh

Yoga Flow Shadyside

Yoga Flow Shadyside
With the cold weather finally settling in, it’s taking everything in my power to not sit at home bundled in blankets and slip into hibernation. This is probably especially counterintuitive, when I’m planning on heading back to the gym come January. Then it hit me — I’m cold. Vinyasa yoga studios in the area are heated. I’ve wanted to do it forever and these chilly days will be all the more motivation to hurry from my car into the yoga studio and practice! I’ve been itching to take a yoga class for ages rather than just practice on my own and Marissa of The Modern Austen and I have been long overdue for a blog date, so we decided to make the most of some pre-hectic holiday time to head to Shadyside to catch up over vinyasa and brunch.

Yoga Flow has a quaint and cozy studio nestled above the shops on Walnut Street in the Shadyside neighborhood that Marissa and I both love. Walking the side streets is a joy in and of itself (which we did on our way to pig out on breakfast mac & cheese over at the Harris Grill post workout. Yes, you read that right, breakfast mac) but it felt great to spend almost a full two hours doing something physical, especially when it’s much more alluring to spend on the day on the couch with Netflix and Richard Castle. If you look in the right neighborhoods, you can easily make a truly enjoyable day of being out and about in the city (sans feeling like a tourist and hitting up pricey attractions).

I’ve always worried that I’d slide right off the mat if I tried a vinyasa class — sweaty palms is my middle name —but I was pleasantly surprised at just how calming and easy it was to work in the heated studio. I may invest in something to minimize slippage if I make yoga class a habit, but even popping in for the occasional class is worth being present and alone with your own strength.

There are so many ways to enjoy the Pittsburgh winter, and as much as I make excuses for why I’d rather stay at home and polish off the last of those Christmas candies, I honestly feel much better when I’m out and about. Combine that with all of the things I want to do and accomplish and there are plenty of ways to make this winter fun, spend time with friends, and explore the city that I love.

Plus, I got to use my Pittsburgh tote from West Elm, which I 100% adore.

UnitedHealthcare reached out to me regarding the WestPA Pride campaign, however I was not compensated to share my thoughts. I just happen to really love Pittsburgh and staying active! All opinions are my own.

If you’re also in Western PA (sorry, the contest isn’t open to those of you outside of the area! But that doesn’t mean you can go out and explore your city while getting active, too!) show off your active #selfie and your hometown on the UnitedHealthcare website, where you’ll also have a chance to win one of several great prizes.

How do you plan to stay active in your city this winter?