Link Love



Link Love

Rainbow Rowell is writing ‘Carry On’! (Yes, that ‘Carry On’!). NovelTea readers rejoice!
♥  ‘My Library‘, a cartoon on the truth behind book collections
♥ Here is what happens when you reply with Jane Austen quotes on Tinder (caution: don’t read while eating or drinking anything. You will laugh and spew food everywhere)
New Harry Potter stories for Christmas! New Harry Potter stories for Christmas!
♥ See the stats of the Best of 2014, YA Literature category
♥ I use Buffer to schedule my posts on Twitter, and if they weren’t awesome enough already they’ve provided a free social media marketing resource kit for you to use!
15 Silly Old-Timey Words You Need To Start Using Again — I love that most of these mean ‘nonsense’.
♥ The Justice League may be my favorite superhero team because of all of their snark. Seriously, go watch Justice League Unlimited right now (it’s on Netflix). Still don’t believe me? Here are 22 times the Justice League proved their superpower is sass.
Some of the best pictures to ever be taken on Splash Mountain. Behold, The Rock.
♥ And finally, a map of the introvert’s heart. Accurate.

What links are you loving this week?