Link Love


♥ This story made my week: In the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Australia, Australians just showed the world exactly how to respond with #IllRideWithYou. These stories remind me that there is good in the world, and it warms my heart.
♥ Get in the Christmas spirit by listening to Neil Gaiman read ‘A Christmas Carol’
The Public Library Wants to Be Your Office
“Something Terrible Has Happened Here”: The Crazy Story of How “Clue” Went From Forgotten Flop to Cult Triumph
♥ The focus is on bike culture in Pittsburgh, which is interesting in itself, but the video gives a great glimpse of the city, too!
21 Signs Your Tea Obsession is Getting Out of Control
Toei Fooled Us: Sailor Moon Crystal is Bad, and I have to agree. The animation has been sloppy and they’ve kind of butchered the personality of the senshi I love.
♥ If you feel the same way, Crystal Quality illustrates some of the problems I have with SMC nicely.
♥ However, here are 24 times the fashion in Sailor Moon was on point
♥ I didn’t know a Ravenclaw collection of Harry Potter books even existed, but I do now and I need it (they have the other houses, too!)
The Overprotected Kid — are we too preoccupied with safety?
An Open Letter to America from a Public School Teacher
♥ On another note, is ‘womenomics’ the answers to Japan’s economic woes? Also, lumberjacks! (Or dare I say, Lumberjanes?)

I was going to post a link to the NY Times list of 2014’s Best Book Covers, but they kind of sucked. I didn’t agree. So instead, why don’t you show me YOUR favorite book covers from 2014?