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Patent Artwork hockey puck print

Patent Artwork hockey print on bookshelf
On any given evening in the months from October to April, you might notice that my Twitter feed is full of angry and/or congratulatory declarations about pens.

No, not writing-utensil pens (though, I do get pretty passionate about my Pilot Precise V5s, too). Rather, the Pittsburgh Penguins, my hometown hockey team.

Pittsburgh is known for its sports teams, and while it seems as if you can’t turn the corner without seeing a flash of Pittsburgh gold in the guise of a Terrible Towel, or a woman walking down the street in a Steelers windbreaker — part of the local uniform, for some reason or another —there is more to this city than just football fever.

I grew up in a family of hockey fanatics. Uncles and cousins played for school teams or just pickup games in the neighborhood. My Pap would sit at the dining room table each evening that a game was on, and for me, bedtime just wasn’t an option when I heard cheers and frustrated groans aimed at the television from the other room. I would sit and watch the games too, most nights, and as the years went on I continued to root for my team, my Penguins.
Patent Artwork hockey puck print
While the 7-foot tall Penguins banner no longer hangs from my wall, I still like to pay tribute to one of my favorite sports, and the activity that so greatly defines my family. When Patent Artwork reached out with their unusual and innovative prints based on patents for famous inventions, I was already impressed with the unique concept and how well it brought history and art together.
And then I saw it — a ‘hockey’ section, which, frankly, isn’t on the radar for many companies (it’s like the U.S. forgets its a major league sport more often than not). The puck-based patent print is simple yet adds a touch of historical charm and a really cool graphic design. As much as the other categories of prints piqued my interest (coffee grinders! Typewriters! There really are inventions for any interest and passion), nothing sucked me in like this print, and I knew I had to have it.

Even now, hockey is a thread that keeps my family MY family. I can’t think of any others that reunite on Thanksgiving weekend for a game of dek hockey. One of my cousins plays for a junior league out east, and another is the sole girl on her dek hockey team. I still sit with my mom to watch the Stanley Cup games, and every now and then my grandma will call with commentary on the latest Penguins game. I’ve run into family at arenas in other cities on road trips, and friends and I will occasionally skip off to a practice.

So who knows, maybe an uncle or cousin or family member might find their own hockey-based Patent Artwork print under the tree this year (or maybe I’ll keep this one for myself…). It would fit right in with the number of Penguins-themed game rooms I know most of my family has. But for now, I’m content with my hockey puck patent print decorating my own shelf, reminding me of the sport, city, and family that I love (and the fact that the background mimics a hockey rink also makes me smile).

If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift, Patent Artwork may be just the thing! One lucky reader will win their own print, but do peruse their website to see the variety of neat inventions they’ve put their artistic spin on. Prints are affordable (starting at $25) and really are the neatest prints I’ve seen in quite a while!

This giveaway is CLOSED.

Some fun facts about the hockey print (because I couldn’t resist sharing!):

  • The inventor on this piece is Art Ross, the man behind the Art Ross trophy (which the Penguins have won 15 times!
  • The invention is for an improvement on the puck which the NHL adopted as their official puck.
  • This puck is 1 of 3 inventions that Art Ross got patents for.


Which print is your favorite?