Link Love


Link Love

♥ I don’t buy the “quitters never win” statement. Sometimes, quitting is the best option in a situation, but it can still be hard. Here’s how to quit without feeling guilty
October activities to make the most of the month
♥ 10 Ways to Make Your Home a Cozy, Snuggly Place When It’s Grey and Horrible Outside
♥ I loved seeing your I Heart Instagram tag posts! Some of my favorites that you’ve shared? Moss & Willow, Super Space Chick, and The Nerdy Girlie‘s posts! Did you blog about your Instagram addiction? Leave a link in the comments so I can check it out!
Geek Travel Guide: The Harry Potter Leavesden Studio Tour. One day I will go see this, but for now I guess I’ll have to settle for the WWHP (read: I’m not complaining)
Finding inspiration in the old and the new
♥ The subscription box thing isn’t something I usually do, but this tea-themed Tea Box Express is right up my alley!
♥ Alexis of Strange & Charmed reviewed some digital Lomography toy lenses, for all of your vintage photo-taking needs
College advice from Bookworms in Dresses
♥ This week is Teen Reads Week, and Librify is celebrating with a curated list of coming-of-age novels. Any holiday that celebrates reading and literacy is a-ok in my book

Teen Reads Week Infographic
8 Fascinating Secret Societies and Bohemian Clubs
♥ Words of wisdom from a napkin: Stop Waiting
Being a foreigner in Japan is legally complicated
♥  My love for Evernote is deep, but I recently reorganized mine some with help from this article on how Cara Lynn Livermore uses Evernote for her business
♥  It’s October, which means I’m in true Gothic novel mode. No, not “Goth” Gothic, but the Horace Walpole kind. The terrifying rise of the Gothic, Horace Walpole-style.
Tweets can be literary too!
♥ I read and reviewed Cory Doctorow’s In Real Life a while ago, but FYA had a chance to sit down and ask him some questions about the book.

What fun links have you found this week?