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♥ English majors rejoice! Steve Strauss explains why he hires English majors (and boy, doesn’t this make me feel just giddy!)
♥ I love when my worlds collide: Using Gaming Principles to Engage Students (or anyone, really)
The Art of the Villain Backstory (and why Dracula Untold fails). I love me some Dracula, but have been apprehensive about the movie. I feel like this sums up my pre-feelings.
Build your creative confidence!
♥ Some people build amazingly intricate worlds on Minecraft (I can only be jealous!) and this Final Fantasy VII Minecraft recreation is a thing of glory
♥ A classic Halloween horror story from the OUP‘s new collection, just in time to freak you out for the holidays!
What Books Do For the Human Soul: The Four Psychological Functions of Great Literature
♥ The 10 Best Literary TED Talks of the Year
You learn by finishing things…A NovelTea member shared this the other day, as the wisdom of Neil Gaiman is always pertinent and wonderful, and I thought you might enjoy it as well, Gaiman fan or not!
♥ More wisdom from Neil Gaiman, who wants nothing to do with your “Fake Geek” nonsense
Yinzer Goosebumps — a Pittsburgher’s worst nightmare(s)
♥ An all-important guide for grownups this Halloween: Which wine pairs well with my Halloween candy?
7 Strange Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose

She’s such a dork and I love her and think we’d be best friends

Oh, Pittsburgh(ese)…

What links are you loving this week?