Link Love


Even though my computer is still out of commission, I was able to scrounge up some of my favorite links found this week!

How to handle an overwhelming to-do list right now
Filler words tell us a lot about our relationships with one another.
The 6 Reactions Book-Lovers Have to People Who Don’t Read 
♥ Do you have a writing routine? A look at the psychology of writing
Why Tech CEOs Want To Hire Employees with Liberal Arts Degrees
♥ It’s always interesting to see different educational systems throughout the world. What the Best Education Systems Are Doing Right
♥ Leo Babauta posted these ‘7 Rules That Keep My Life Simple‘. While some are a little on the more strictly prescribed side for my taste, I realized I have my own set of ‘rules’ that I generally use in my life
You’re not a haphazard has-been
♥ Tired of stuffy literary criticism from the publishing gods above? Why book criticism and literary culture need a poptimist revolution

Find anything good online this week?