Link Love


♥ Many of you asked about my apple cider chicken recipe this week. This is the one I use and it’s delicious!
♥ Tell anyone you’re an English or Creative Writing major and — gasp! — how will you ever get a job? A sad but true reality of Creative Writing’s Job Problem and the Magic Building Where English Majors Work
♥ I’m still newly navigating the waters of video editing, so I found Being Geek Chic’s roundup of the Best Video Apps for Every Situation immensely helpful!
♥ I hadn’t heard about McGraw Hill’s Smart Books until Mia mentioned them a few weeks ago, but it sounds like a wonderful way to personalize how you study!
24 Books You Should Read Now, Based on Your High School Favorite
♥ Monday kicks off Banned Books Week 2014, and this year’s focus is graphic novels!
♥ Not sure if you’re a writer? Read this.
8 Book Historians, Curators, Specialists, and Librarians Who Are Killing It Online
♥ Tiffany Han is on a quest to gather 100 rejection letters. What happens when she’s told ‘no’? What happens when she’s told ‘yes’?
♥ Preserved Moments of Historical Sass. I’ve got some exploring of the archives to do…
♥ Sometimes I have trouble explaining the magic of Haruki Murakami to others, but this post does quite a wonderful job
15 Career Tips from Smart Women
♥ I know I just got done whining about how I don’t like anime, but Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun does a lot of gender role expectation reversal that has me itching to check it out for its commentary.

What fun links have you found this week?