Link Love


♥ In honor of Banned Books Week these past few days, here’s some banned books by the numbers. ♥ Mind Boggling Facts About Banned Books in America — Which book are you most surprised to see on any of these banned books lists?
What’s your signature word?
♥ It’s no secret the economy has changed, but is 4 jobs the new normal?
King Richard III Suffered Nine Blows to the Skull. Ah, science.
Your brain on metaphors
♥ Science has given us a reason to explain why we keep missing typos
♥ How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things (yes! Read this, I can’t ask you enough!)
♥ Is there a way to skip college and still thrive? One Philadelphia-based student opted out of the traditional college route and recounts her story.
♥ 10 Ways to Make Waking Up Easier with a Seasonal Morning Routine
♥ Last week, a dad shared a story about his daughter’s disappointment with the lack of female superheroes in DC’s Axis of Villains game. I was so pleased to read DC’s follow up to his criticism, and how understanding and open they were to their own errors.
♥ How Neil Gaiman Stays Creative in an Age of Constant Distractions
Women Who Want To Be Alone in Western Art History — genius.

What fun links have you found this week?