Books & Looks

books and looks my life as a teacup

books and looks my life as a teacup
This is probably one of three times that you’ve ever seen me post(-ish) an outfit on my blog. I think the last time I did I was showing off my pajamas.

In part, it’s just too hard to take pictures sans tripod, sans remote, and sans someone to help. It’s also partly the fact that I just don’t know what to do with my hands. My face. Myself. Where do things gooooo!?

But Sara presented an opportunity to join her Books & Looks series that I just couldn’t pass up. Share my favorite book (at the moment, at least), and brave an outfit post? I can be swayed.

Why did I choose Fangirl? What compelled me to get dolled up? Why do I love navy blue so much? I guess you’re just going to have to read my Books & Looks feature on Sincerely Sara, then!