A Guide to Pittsburgh: Oakland

oakland pittsburgh

oakland pittsburgh
I’ve spent my entire life in Pittsburgh, and I still don’t know all of the nooks and crannies, the hidden gems of spots that this city holds.

I do know some awfully good spots to see the dinosaurs, however.

My Pittsburgh looks a lot different from my best friend’s Pittsburgh, from my father’s Pittsburgh, even from Marissa’s Pittsburgh. The city holds so many different spots and vibes and secrets that no two people experience Pittsburgh in the same way. Or at least that’s my theory.

Pittsburgh is comprised of so many diverse neighborhoods. So when Xandra asked if I would write a guide to Pittsburgh for her Heroine Training project, I panicked — how was I going to fit all of the amazing things Pittsburgh has to offer into one post!?

So I didn’t.

Dinosaurs in the Library
For some reason there are a lot of dinosaurs in Oakland. I had to actively try to not take more pictures of various ones about town.
It was a compromise, but I instead decided to focus on Oakland, the pocket of Pittsburgh that houses my alma mater, The University of Pittsburgh, and a plethora of cultural and academic sights to see. Come on now, you didn’t think I was going to write a guide to my city that was devoid of intellect (and a library mention), did you? Especially when Heroine Training aims to help women become the adventurous, classy, well-rounded, and well-read heroine of their own story!
What are you waiting for? Pop on over to read my full guide to Oakland (and find out how you can be in the library and see a stegosaurus at the same time!)
What do you love most about your city?

  • I love your perspective on seeing your city! My city is small and doesn’t have much, but I do love that recognize people that I see all over. And we have some good food spots!