Book Report: Fangirl

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
When the NovelTea Book Club selected a Rainbow Rowell book for the month of August, I couldn’t contain myself (even though I was hoping it would be Landline, so I could do reading double-duty)! Rowell has such a distinctively fun and witty style while still managing to tackle some pretty hard-hitting topics like unseemly and even abusive family relationships, and frankly, growing up.

You can watch the video below for my thoughts on Fangirl specifically, but I wouldn’t be doing my review justice if I didn’t bring up the fact that this novel centers around writing and fandom. Now, there are plenty of other themes that take center stage, or even pop up in the periphery, but to see a mainstream book discuss what it means to be part of a community that stems from a shared interest, especially in pop culture, warms my heart. Maybe because it’s because I can relate so well to Cath, or maybe it’s just the way Rowell sucks you into the characters and their quirks, their struggles. Regardless, the whole story just comes alive in Rowell’s hands.

Being able to discuss everything from Cath’s relationship with her sister to fanfiction’s place in academia with the NovelTea book clubbers (members sounds really formal, but “book clubbers” sounds like we all go out to the club and wave novels in the air in time with pounding music and strobe lights) was the best part of reading this book again. There are so many little things I didn’t pick up on the first time through, and being able to run those ideas past others and see that they had the same (and even different!) thoughts was wonderful!

It’s funny, most people tend to pick a favorite out of Rowell’s novels based on which characters they most identify with. At some point or another, I’ve identified with most of her protagonists, recalling moments in my life that just clicked. Fangirl is in the top two Rowell books for me, though I’m curious to see how attached I get to Landline.

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What’s your favorite Rainbow Rowell novel?