Link Love


♥ Many of you asked for reading recommendations by female authors. Here are 21 Female Authors You Should Be Reading.
♥ How I created the languages of Dothraki and Valyrian for Game of Thrones
People who read Harry Potter are awesome. Because science (that’s two weeks in a row, science!)
♥ Great tips for fellow book nerds! 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Holiday Reading
How a bookworm prepares for vacation. Obviously, books are an issue.
♥ A fairytale forest theme park? Fellow Pittsburghers: does this not remind you of Idlewild’s Storybook Forest!? (okay, maybe it isn’t as whimsical)
♥ Apparently my style of procrastination has a name: Structured Procrastination. Though this description of it makes it sound really intense and involved.
How Ira Glass Works
♥ I didn’t make it to San Diego this year, but I’m bookmarking Mia’s guide to Comic Con for 2015!
20 Relaxing Vacation Spots for Book Lovers
♥ Tom Hiddleston, can you stop being an incredible human being? Here’s his email to Joss Whedon after reading the Avengers script.
♥ How much of yourself is in your narrator?
♥ You might be familiar with epistolary, or letter-style, novels, but what about the history of the diary novel?
♥ A NovelTea Book Club-er posted this link as part of our physical vs. digital discussion last month — Scanners: a look at portrayals of information in Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Book Store
♥ How your password can change your life

How do I love thee, Charles Dance. Let me count the ways.What fun links have you found this week?

  • Apparently I’m a structured procrastinator too! I often include small things like “eat lunch” on my to do lists so I can at least feel a little accomplished at the end of the day.

    Also I can’t wait to use that hairpin diary novel article when I teach Frankenstein!