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If there’s one thing you do today, watch this:

It’s so important that I’m putting it first.

♥ Kyla Roma always posts the most thoughtful and motivational nuggets. Except that they’re not nuggets; they’re long. And I love that they’re long. -er, at least. Notes to My Younger Self is no exception.
♥ YA Authors Sort Their Own Characters Into Hogwarts Houses (adorable doodles ahead)
♥ Editing can be a pain. Here’s why. And really, after all the fun of actually writing, I can’t blame that train of thought (but I’m the weirdo who likes editing, ha!)
♥ How to be a beginner again (and why it’s really a good thing!), because acknowledging that you’re a beginner, and treating yourself as such can be tough.
♥ Mo’ Neopoints, Mo’ Problems: How That Website We Liked As Kids Became An Economist’s Nightmare 
♥ This is always relevant, but in light of what has happened recently, more powerful than ever: O Captain! My Captain! What Dead Poets Society Taught Me About Writing
♥ An insightful article on gender-flipping geek icons and geek icon canon (NSFW – language)
Soon your computer screen will correct your vision (seriously!? How awesome would this be!?)
♥ Yes & Yes runs a series of personal anecdotes, and the latest — True story: I’m a nun — is absolutely fascinating!
14 Books That Change When You Reread Them Later In Life
Games for girls? How about games for everyone? Fun story, I actually heard a comment made last week that meant no harm, but implied that essentially “only kids play Minecraft and adults don’t get that kind of thing”. I play Minecraft. I am an adult. I get it.
The Fierce Imagination of Haruki Murakami
♥ A look at Russian suburbs
♥ The Harry Potter universe just keeps growing! Rowling recently added a bio for singer Celestina Warbeck and a song!

Find any fun links this week?