Link Love

Are Marvel and DC duking it out over a female audience?
The Nostalgia Machine lets you pick a year and listen to its music. I have been listening to 1999 all morning. And 97. And all of the 90s, basically.
♥ Science explains why we like old music better than everything else
♥ Stories like this break my heart — I got the message loud and clear: Reading isn’t cool
♥ Gruesome perhaps, but a reality: Who owns your iTunes library and e-books after you die?
♥ It’s a library cake!
♥ I dressed as a goth, a party girl, and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — Here’s how my friends, my partner, and OKCupid reacted
♥ I’m intrigued by this new (or is it, really?) Bullet Journal method of efficient planning, organizing, and making lists
A busy chai stand in India at 3:15 in the afternoon
♥ In Italy, there exists an archive of personal diaries
The Brave and Fluffy Cats Who Served in WWI – history! Cats!
♥ I dare you to not sing all of these phrases that have the same syllable count as the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” theme song
♥ The LA County Museum of Art is on Snapchat and killing it!
♥ This list of 25 authors who wrote great books before they were 25 makes me feel like a total underachiever!
Pop Sonnets (I’m convinced this is the single most amazing thing on the internet!)
Is there such a thing as an untranslatable word?
♥ My propensity for forgetting names instantly may have some basis to it. Why are names so easy to forget?
What we talk about when we talk about binge-reading

Find any fun links this week?