Book Report: Blackfin Sky

blackfin sky by kat ellis
blackfin sky by kat ellis

I am not scared of many things (and the things I am afraid of usually stem from playing creepy video games after dark). Give me a story that takes place in a circus of any kind and I will inevitably bite my nails in horror during nearly every scene.

That’s what I spent most of my time reading Kat Ellis’ Blackfin Sky doing. When Valerie first reached out to me about this debut novel of Ellis’, I was intrigued by the initial premise: a girl walks into school one morning. No big deal, right? What if I told you she’s been dead for 3 months?

Sky finds herself the object of her classmates’ stares one morning, as they all find it a bit odd that the recently deceased girl has just shown up to class. Sky apparently drowned months ago, but here she stands, and she has no recollection of where she’s been or what has happened to her since her fall off of the pier. Without giving too much away, Sky finds herself drawn into a tangled web of mysteries surrounding her family, her past, and the town of Blackfin. Not to mention the local creepy, magical circus.

It’s a bit choppy at parts, namely the beginning. But Ellis’ story starts to shine through as Sky gets sucked further into the mystery of her death (as opposed to her friends’ somewhat nonchalant reactions to her reappearance). The pacing and dialogue weaves in and out at points (I would’ve preferred to hear more about the circus and Sky’s, errr, skills, than the typical relationship chit-chat towards the beginning), but overall I found myself not able to put the book down. If I didn’t find out what happened RIGHT THEN I thought I was going to explode. Or something. I just had to know!

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